Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pledge for Pigs. ( o o )

This is Me & ZhuTou's pledge.. Only for Pigs uhh. *Oinkk*

We the citizen of piggy.
Pledge ourselves as one lazy pig.
Regardless of works or food.
We will do our best and uphold the piggy.
-by ZhuTou.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WahWahWah, i 1week nv blog liao worhh.. So long lerhh. Sorry people, i bet u all want to noe wad i doing and waiting to read my new post rite? Ahaha! Don say NO cuz i noe its a YES! Blekk.
Okay, i got alot pictures so Open ur big eyes to see uhh..Haha! My whole week is all about sch and of cuz Nua`ing wif my Honey at home. =.="

Friday - 24/10
Workshop day! =) Lesson dam fun. Learn how to melt glass and get to fuse our glass Pieces. Also play wif clay. Haha.. Picture Pictures...

Ouhh! Look.. Its ahBee having fun in the workshop. Hahaa..

Putri and the one in Pink is SanSan. Love them.

Putri Super Scary Fierce looking face. And she got a new Tattoo!!! Its her name.. SO NICE! i like it alot.

All of them so focus..

We use Glass rods den melt it and den coil them on a metal rod.. Middle 3Pics is mine. Haha! So ugly lar, but but its my 1st time leh.. Below got every1's Work den the last picture is Mine. I BROKE IT! Arghh!!! Take out that time must slowly twist den i didnt twist slowly. i just pull den the thing break.. KNS. Need to redo again.. Sarks.

Pound the Glass into small pieces or powder.. Den oso learning how to cut circle.. And again, i hit too hard den the glass break. Need to REDO AGAIN!!! See last picture, my 2nd try for cutting circle. Heehee...

1st pic is before fuse. Den got every1's test piece. And the 3 pictures at the right is mine, after fuse.. Glass is FUN! ^^

The Clay part.. Lol! the Circle round thing is mine. And my frens all say look like Condom. =.=" See the 3rd pic? Again i spoil the thing.. i scrap too much till got one hole den spoil lor.. I need to REDO again lar... Why am i so dumb? Oways spoiling things and den make ownself nid redo? Ownself create trouble for myself.. Bendann!

Eating lunch and Jap and den dono wad is Jac doing.. she accidentally tear her 50bucks note. HAHA!!!

At smoking area, Look Ferrian, Jong and Simin wear my Lollypopies HairClip. They so cute lar..

After school i went to meet XueTing!!! We go out to shop for ShuMin present. Our youngest Kong gonna be 18 soon!!!
And this week so good. Honey came out on Thurs night, but i don get to see him cuz too late and he went home to xlp liao. And he only nidda book in on Monday night, cuz its Deepavali!!! im so happy! I can see him more.. Hahaa! >.< ` See him on Friday night, Saturday late noon, Sunday after Judo and Monday before he go in. 4days in a roll lerh.. hehee. But we only play on Friday night den the other 3days i acc him Nua at home. Kns... he no where to go and only wana stay home Nua. And Honey called Mcdonald to order his Favourite Wasabi fries den guess wad, they say they ran out of the Wasabi shaker. So lousy.
Super ENORMOUS specs, Cute mar? ( i mean i cute mar? not the specs lar..) Hahaa!

Tweet Tweet Tweetie and Me... and Some pictures from the halloween Decos.
After shopping untill all the shops closed, i went to find Honey at Pasir Ris for bowling.. He was at WildWildWet wif his NS frens today at noon and den night time they go for bowling. FunFunFun! Honey got one fren Bowling dam Zaii. Play bowling till 1230am den we took cab home.

He oways so shy when i wana take picture of him... So i oways secretly take.. Last picture dam cute lar, He look like Buddha.. Hahaaa!!!

Honey and Me.. >.< `

Thursday - 23/10
Another day in Workshop. Today learn Casting!!!

See the white thing? That one is Dried sotong i think.. The cheapest way to cast something.

The making Process... The sotong thing can make shape u want den later u melt silver den pour between the sotong and den can get the shape u want liao.

1st Pic is Jasmine Dear.. She cutting the sotong.. Hahaa! That day i didnt noe got workshop den i wear Berkies. In the end Sandra ask me wear Jess Puma Shoes.. SO BIG lar her shoes..

See ahBee make her own Cast.. Must sandpaper the Dried Sotong make it flat and smooth untill the 2 surface touches each other. I wana cast my house key der.. den must press very hard untill the key in between the sotong cannot see.. Den i want find short cut cuz i don want slowly press cuz i lazy mar.. den u noe wad i do? I put on the floor and step and jump on it lor, den again, i broke it.. i jump and step too hard. And nidda redo again. =.=" Im sick and tired of Redoing everything again and again but i kept spoiling and breaking it.. i got no choice but have to redo cuz its my work..

Sunday - 26/10
Sunday after Judo i bought XueTing down to FLS and take the Aura picture thing..cuz she say she wana try.. Hahaa..

Mine is the one Super red one.. Den Ting one is the colorful... How nice... i wish mine can be as Colorful as hers.. This one i take 2nd time liao..i took once last year and its also red. Mine oways red.. I love red but i don wan my aura Red cuz Red means no good.. sighh.
They will print out wad it means for u and oso explain to u de.. Mine is Stress, vitality, impulsive, impatient pressure high and im straight forward in speech but one thing good bout me is, my impression for others is im cheerful. HAHA!!! Oh, and mine oso is not enuff xlp, very true lerh. i one day xlp 3 to 6hours only. And also the paper wrote 'Everybody's wondering where i get all the energy from! I dont walk, I fly!' . LOL!! Hahaa.. Also say i have extremely powerful desire to talk about wads on my mind and to express my strong emotions. i feel confident to speak freely and honestly with conviction. My moods may be erratic with periods and ecstatic highs as well as plummeting lows. i experience life on a roller coaster of powerful, changing emotions, creating and attracting dramatic scenes. i may be holding onto some anger or experiencing some emotional turmoil. i have a tendency to want to do everything all at once in a hurry, not wanting to waste even a minute and may even forget to xlp. Hahaa..
okok i stop here liao.. got more but i don think i should say everything out.. Readers will be sian one.. i totally understand. HAHA!

This one is my last year picture and this year's.. both is SO RED lar.. =.=" Mayb next year i go again and hope it will change color..


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oct going Nov.. Happy Birthday Marian!

*teehee* im back peeps! long week but... its finally over, the 2nd eng test phew. hmm, i rem i have loads to tell but somehow i cant rem them now hahaha! Anyways, workload as usual piling like a heck load of shits.. and thanks to the stupid SHINING movie i can't sleep in peace, do work in peace and ya practically everything luh. THANKS JAZNO U OWNED ME! hehe, school's fun :) and more pictures mwahaha.. managed to go out for movie and shopping with baby today love! hehe watched Max Payne, not bad but i heard it wasn't that good well for me, it was okay :) promised to catch Tropic Thunder and High School Musical with my friends so lets see hehe prolly after our flour sack ya!

After typing so much, i still can't rem what i wana write.. anyway ill just spam my pictures here and leave some comments over it :) and oh i frigging miss all my friends ugh we gotta meet soon everyone :(

BAHAHAHAHA !! GOTCHA JAZNO! found this fun application at PHOTOFUNIA, babes go take a look and play with it the stuffs are quite awesome :) hehe

Group study picture and nerdy Jazno haha! anyway im lazy to post most of the pics from Digipen so go on FACEBOOK if you wana see more hehe, if you don't own a facebook account DO IT NOW!

hehe camwhoring while waiting for baby to get ready! Thanks for the movie and shopping today baby, and my pink cushy :p hehe aww lovesss!

hehe caught these at Central after the japanese dinner @ Ma Maison with Karen and baby's family! Thanks for the treat Karen :) Bought these lovely trinkets for my mom and sis, but mine was sold out ugh. Diamond for April - Mummy, Garnet for Jan - sister
I WAN MINE urgh someone let me know if they see it alrights, Topaz for Nov hee! :D

-thats all, gotta do my work now or i wont get to sleep anymore-
lovelove everyone!
xoxo, Amanda.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Went to National Library wif San and Simin today to do our projects. Bahh.. So much projects and work to do... T.T i wana K.O liao lar. Ouh and i saw this very interesting sculpture or dono wad u call that.. very nice and i took some pictures to share wif every1.
See how big it is...

Cool rite?

Pointie pointiee... the whole thing is made of wood..

Poor me.. Eating Mos Burger alone for lunch.. T.T Lonerrr...

i LOVE Strawberry and i cant live wifout Pocky! Smoochhx.

Went out wif Gwen Dear ytd and she ate 4scoops of iceCream.. i eat only 2... Not greedy like her.. HAHA!!! Top is Mint choco and bottom is Hockey Pocky.. Yumyumm..

i saw this cute Giant Pink Pig when i was standing at the escalator.. Den i want to take a picture wif him so i run down and chase after him.. HAHA!!! So cute, jus like me >.< `

Left is Me and PinkPig, Right is Gwen and Pigg.

SuperDog again!!! Mine wif extra Tomatoes.. LOL... Ouhhyaya. We were at Vivo...

Yesterday i also bought a super kawaii furr jacket... Super love it. Its cream color... got other colors and design but i like that one cuz the buttons super big and theres a Big pocket at the Butt part wif bear ears on the hood... And theres only 2 piece for each color and design! i ask the SalesGirl if theres any other outlet she say no, Den i faster buy... Hahaa... So only one person will be wearing the same jacket as me, cuz theres only 2 piece.. Bleaghh.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Yesterday Honey went back to camp ='( AGAIN! humph.. okie nvm.. wait for another 4 days den he is out. Heehee... hmmm.. Stay at his house whole day cuz he wana NUA.. He ordered KFC and MAC lurh...Monster sia! He eat alot =.=" He dam full liao stil down there force in, cuz he say go back camp no chance to eat. LOL. Nua at his house whole day and only went down to army market buy things and back to his house luh. And so funny lar. Honey feed me grapes and guess wad? MILO jealous! haha, he bark at me lor.. LOL and so i fed him grapes oso. And he like wana bite me lerh.. humph...
Judo lesson was dam fun yesterday. Me and Ting get to lift Sinsei up and trow him down. HAHA! And i tio trown by him also =.=" The training dam tuff lurh! i also learn some new techniques. i do dao my whole body aching lor... i cant cough and cant laff cuz my tummy muscles aching! Arghh! Rawrr...
After lesson Ting's daddy fetch me to Honey's house and he jus wakup lar.. SO PIG!


Okie this blue black on my middle finger i got it from the stupid life.. The other day i going home den me and Honey walk in life. Den the stupid life close door and den Kiap me and him together. I got angry and went to punch the lift den my hand OrCheh. =.='' So pain lar... Not only Orcheh leh, Swollen oso lar..
Today i go down to Cici house wid Jasmine and Joe. They gonna do make up today and play fortune telling. HAHA!!! Cici was xlping. Den Joe doing makeup for me and Jas helping me color my nails. LOL! Thanks guys!!! Love them Lots man!!! Esp, Jasmine Dear. Mwacks.

So many make up blahblahhs... As u can see, Joe loves Chanel alot.. He is oways talking bout Chanel and LV. hahaha!!! And also today he is praising Bobbi Brown...

More here...

I saw this super interesting and Kawaii way of hanging ur earrings. This one is Cici's RoomMate table lamp. She use the holes of the lamp to hang her earrings lurh.. Dam cute! >.< `

Jas doing fortune telling for us. HAHA! We had so much fun..

Went down to eat Duck rice den dono how come got 2 chicken beside our table.. So cute lerh. The owner nv cage them up one..

The very yummy Duck rice from Geylang. Really very nice.. No bluff u.. i finish everything.

Jas Dear and Me...

Thanks Joe for the make up and Sorry i destroy ur make up wif my ugly funny faces. Haha.. Look so scary when i trying to act like ghost lorr.. (FarkFace).

After that Cici went back home and xlp, Joe went to find his boyfren and Jas went home to rest. i go home and put my things den a while Daddy bring me to the doctor. Sighh... That time clearing table i nv see properly den mummy go and trow away my MC cuz she didnt noe i want it.. Den now i go back clinic and buy back my MC lurh..MUST PAY 5BUCKS lerh. =.='' I oso see doctor again cuz i haven recover.. i still cough alot and sound like a boy.. ughhhs... Doctor say she give me another 5days eat medicine..Stronger med den the previous time. If after 5days no recover, means i nid use the inhaler liao.. Asthma coming back soon.. T.T Sian arhh...

This is my Super Sinful Supper. Teeheee.. Simply delicious!