Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thirty April Zero Nine.

Met Van`Dear after submitting my scholarship application. Had our dinner at Bugis KFC and after dinner, walk around Bugis area, shopping and we bought some cloths. =)

We ❤ YanYan.


Bee ❤ Strawberry Pocky muchmuchh.

Bee ❤ Van`Dear. shhhh.

Her choco sundea.

My favourite ICE CREAM CONE! =P


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 43rd Birthday to Mummy!!!

Happy Birthday Mummy. Tml is Mummy's Birthday (27/4) and Happy Birthday to KenKen Boy (Jie's Baby), which is on 29/4. =D

Okie, Daddy, Mummy, Jie, Kenny, Bro and Me had our dinner at Suntec - Lovin Hut ( a vegetarian place), cuz my parents is a FULL TIME VEGETARIAN and of cuz Mama love that place.
After dinner, we cut cake at home lor. MANGO CAKE AGAIN! cuz IMANGOCAKE! Teehee. Below got many many pictures....

Me and Mummy at Suntec.

Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy and Bro.

Birthday Cake.

Mummy making wish and Bro kissing Biscuit? (in Grandmama's Room)

Biscuit, Me and Mummy. =)

Look at my Greedy Sis. She take 1/4 of the cake lurh. Eat so much, den u see my portion, so lil` can?

Me and Biscuit`Dear. She look like she is being force to take picture wif me lorr. But thats the fact lar.


Hehee, i kiss her den jus nice she turn and look at me. >.<`

Darling Biscuit. LoveHerMuchMuch.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Interesting Advertisements

Unfortunately smoking doesn't kill instantly.

Impossible is Nothing.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

China's Cute Cigarette

Look at this cute Cigarette, Simin brought it back from China. The brand is called 520 (iloveyou, 我爱你). LOL. Is real Cigs, not candies uhh. Kawaii rite? Geex. Too bad Singapore don bring in such cute stuffs. LoveLove.


Another Day in the Workshop

Learning how to make Bezel setting today in workshop. Next week will be claw setting and maybe tension setting. First time doing its abit hard, but i succeded. =]


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to AhBoy & Happy 1year Anniversary to the 4sworn bros.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AHBOY! =X i don have a picture of her, cuz she busy packing up the stuffs in store. And of cuz HAPPY 1Year ANNIVERSARY to 4Sworn bros.
BenTan (Da Ge) is not here cuz he in camp. Zhu was lucky, he get to book out today and can celebrate wif ahTing and Howard. After sch i bought a cake and put at Zhu's place, wait for ahTing, Howard and the others to finish working den we celebrate.
The 3 of them say, wait Ben come out, they gonna celebrate wif him again. Lol..
Went to TopOne and sang to celebrate. Had a great time. ❤

Some old pictures ...

Thanks Van Dear for the Hp strip from Thai, Love the blue toktokcar. =)

Rainbow Mickey Giant Lolly from my Jie. She buy from Disney On Ice.

Bro made this colorful Buttercanfly bracelet for his GF last month (if im not wrong). How sweet. Geex. Nice rite?

I finally save up 500 $1 coins. Yay!!! Gonna try saving up to 800. LoveLoveLove GOLD COINS, ONLY GOLD! >.< `


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

overloaded. confused. ineffable.


Monday, April 13, 2009

How much is that Doggy at the window?

Ama-Chan took this picture of Biscuit. Look so kelian. Lol. And dono why her face looks like she is being disfigured or somthing. So not cute lor.. Actually she's very cute der. All thanks to my Sis, make her look ugly.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

happy 27th xiaoxiang.

The animation nightmare isn't over, ugh slogging like some pig right now so wanna just sink in the swimming pool (okay randoms) but the frigging weather's so hot these days i wana just swim naked rawr.

so, we had dinner with hx for his with a little tinge of magic but neways, gonns have a proper celebration on tues tho xD hehes most of them couldnt make it today boohoos!

xoxo, amandasweet


yay. finally got my holga thanks to sweetiepie's help loveyouclarehearts :)
newayys took a roll with some friends and i cant wait to develop them, kinda left the film on the opposite direction, hope it doesn't turn out bad :\

xoxo, amandasweet