Sunday, May 31, 2009

The little things that make life so great...

Friday 29th: Jazno's Bigday! Happy Birthday Dude!

Really appreciate those who took time to attend, missed the class since hols started x) Thanks lin for getting the awfsome present too! You guys made my day!

Sunday 31st: Sentosa!

Really eager to visit the Images of Singapore at Imbiah, I took my Sunday to roam around Sentosa~ Appreciate the company of my brother and his gf, Zoe. We went to Imbiah for the tour at the "museum" first and I head over to Siloso for a tan after that!

Loved the oil paintings in there, the colors and lighting.

A showcase of some of the pictures i took, the lighting was really poor and flash didnt really compliment the image so I only had some nice shots!

But, the mannequins were so life-like its almost mysterious yet captivating to look at!

Admiring the works and lifestyle of our ancestors.

One of my favourite shots, really amazed by how much story this picture tells with her subtle gestures.

Love the composition.

A very mysterious, beautiful lighting on this nonya lady.

I'm just really glad I've learnt to take pictures in angles and composition that tells the viewer a story just with the gestures or facial expressions. I can see my improvements and what ive learnt in Jazno's classes ! :D

My favourite shot, best lighting and color on the puppets.

can't wait to tour another museum! aiming for Wu Guanzhong's at SAM! xD

xoxo, amandasweet

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Action speaks louder than Words.

Somehow being noncommittal sometimes seems to work well.

Neways, company's getting really slow in replying mails and i cant wait to get other jobs kinda short in cash now. And baby ure always there for me, everything that you do is more than words can just describe. I can't say how much I love you because you know that ure my soul. :)
ilu K

xoxo, amandasweet.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci

Having to visit Da Vinci's at the Science Centre inspired me to not only become an artist who can draw but also, to create things from our own imagination. And it is because of the constant teachings and inspirations from our ancestors that we get the chance to invent better and more astonishing stuffs that will benefit to the world. Da Vinci's inventions and artworks have taught me not only to keep improving but keep going back to the basics and study the details as best as we can.

During my journey to the Science Centre, I entertained myself with Reader's Digest so that the long ride wouldn't bore me. Since young, I started subscribing to Reader Digest and their limited edition books which never fails to fascinate me. Reader Digest's stories often depict how precious life and families are to us, and i thank them for bringing stories and experiences from the different world for us to read. I also discovered the beauty of nature and wildlife from this tiny little pocket book. These are some of the beautiful photographs of wildlife. To me, a good photographer captures pictures that portrays not only an aesthetically pleasing image but a moment of life and motion.


David Maitland

Antoni Kasprzak

Miguel Lasa
xoxo, amandasweet

Friday, May 22, 2009

Under that blue blue sky ♥

Imagine how wonderful it is to have your family fork out one day to do a photoshoot, so much catching up and interaction going on i can see the family bonding again :)

sis and i were just getting warmed up hehe!

super loves the beautiful weather and lush green lallang

finally ready for the shots. the lallang at Punggol's really lovely~

This shot's by the so-very-awesome me lol. me loves black and white x.x

The rest of the day was at Fullerton hotel, we had a fun day with Dino (our photographer) and had a record of 200+ peektures that faithful day :))

Really really unglam peektures i decided to post up mwahahaha. but it was fun tho xD LAUGH ALL YOU WAN RAWR~ these shots are really darn funny i must say!

-so when's your turn to bond yer family?-
xoxo, amandasweet

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A busy weekend I have to say:

Daven's 21st party
Family outdoor photoshoot
and.. of course my other stuffs to work on.

wells, pretty tied down with lotsa stuffs to settle this week and its kinda easing out after this entire family shoot thing. It was a fun experience and we really loved the peektures and locations, so lotsa peeks up soon as soon as I'm done editing and choosing those for an album-making! I cant wait to develop my holga film too, im pretty sure it'll turn out alot better this time! tata to you guys, and keep coming back for more, i promise it'll be a whole load of peeks and fun the next post~

love, amandasweet.

More posts coming up soon!

Many say they want, but how many really do?
Trying to spend the rest of my holidays happily with the stuffs I wanna do and it seems like its kicking off well now, and I want it all to get better.

xoxo, amandasweet

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet 21st to Clairebearx!

Welcome to Claire's 21st Birthday Celebration!

Our gift to the sweet 21st birthday girl!

Group pix before loks left x)

KUHLAIR's matcha w/ redbean cake

A year older and wiser my dear :)

and finally... a peekture with all of us at the end of cake-cutting session.

xoxo, amandasweet

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just this once.

today's the day i realized (hmm reminds me of epiphany and catharsis again)...

that ive lost more than what i gained this semester
and its time to pick myself up, move on and take a double step now.

not gonna think back about what i couldve done or anyhoos but thanks to those who were always there for me. im gonna make this better...

xoxo, amandasweet.

Baby's 21st ; Beef orgasm :|

A simple celebration for baby's special 21st this year (he decided not to have those chalet hoo-has which i'd prefer to have one on mine hehe). Pretty much missed his actual bday celebration at "The Line" , we're both kinda disappointed but anyhows we enjoyed the rest of the week together. School ended on thurs and i spent my entire weekend with mah sweet.

So, Saturday was a small gathering. Baby invited Loon & gang for dinner at "Greenhouse" (as usual, our favourite restaurant especially for valentines) really love the ambience, service and food there, not to mention with the company of close friends ;)

Highlights of some of the superyummylicious foood:
salmon sashimi / unagi / drunken prawn / crayfish / lobster / desserts

So, the group of us gave baby a GTX285, hurhur (me wants too!)

The mini celebration ended with Xmen: Wolverine movie and it was frigging awesome (which is the reason why i am so in love with the character design right now xD) so neways moving on, Sunday was all ours (alone.) We had our walk after two long weeks of hell, and went for pastamania's apple crumble pizza (thanks baby u know me loves it haha :B)

I thought i knew baby would be sick of the buffets soon, so i decided to bring him for some jap ala-carte! After all, wagyu beef's the thang to satisfy his hunger. We headed down to Chijmes for "Gyu-Kaku" after having research for 3days, i finally decided to bring him somewhere quiet where we can have some time of our own. We expected quality from this prime beef but never did expect it to be this "godly" and i mean it. Baby's face was totally expressionless, speechless everytime he tried a different set.


Our favourite was the "PRIME WAGYU KARUBI"
each serving comes about 5-7 pieces, $23
Our meal that night costs about $100~
And we pretty much end the night then, took a few shots and went home.
(i love this peekture baby)

Anything to make you happy.
Happy 21st birthday Kenny Koh. :)

xoxo, amandasweet.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

just the beginning

Yays! Another new semester passed but seems like time went a little fast this time. Somehow, i just wished it didnt end this early. Neways, glad i can finally have all the sleep i want. It's funny how sch's ended and I shld be glad i'm free from all those endless stress and sleepless nights but, i kinda miss all my frens and i cant stop thinking about my assignments ughs.

you guys are so gonna miss my bahahaha and hugs sessions! RAWRZARRZz!

Met baby todays, haven seen him for super longzzz im almost gonns dieee. Really happy we're spending the weekends together soons hehe, cant wait for those days mwahahahahaha! (im super sticky :p)

so, the last day of school ended pretty wells, few of us (in fact quite a few) stayed overnight in school the day before chionging our assignments and it was pretty fun (besides all that stress). So, the last day started with an exhibition in-house (took some peektures of my classmates' works, some are just awesome). So, a small group of us decided to hangout for dinner + supper at waffletown then, island creamery. I was sooooo craving for waffles that day (not to mention after all that stuffs in sch, waffles the THING to cheer me up hehe). Wells, it was a great day but ice cream just wasnt the thing i need, i didnt crave for sleep more than that day! Kinda sad i cant attend albert's bbq tml, everyone's going and i'd love to go but baby's more tempting so.. oh wells I SHALL satisfy with the peektures only!

this is how i like my waffles prep before i eat 'em BAHAHAHAHA!

so, ive asked myself so many times if ive improved and whatsoever, but i would just say it could be better and im pretty glad im improving as it is. I'll just try to work on it more than ever. Alas, it's just the beginning of my road, and im going back to sch for more hahas so i shall slack the time of my life this weekends... spa, facials, shopping, food yummyyyiesss lalala...
And.. i shall post some peektures from the class' exhibition to end this off!

Part I collage

Part II collage

Part III collage

slping early for darl's bday celeb tml and sun ;)
xoxo, amandasweet.