Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skincare and beauty

Lately, ive been reading about makeup and beauty just for the interest during my spare time. And, I have to say i've learnt quite a bit thanks to Karen and MUA (makeup artists) on forums. The spray tan kinda sparked my interest yesterday when i saw the video but let's move on to the makeup first!

Bought this brush here, and i have to say it's really worth the reviews.

Bought a few foundations and concealers, color correction to try out and recieved a few free try-outs as well. I paid $17.50 for 7items and a multi-tasking brush, waited for less than 2wks to arrive from overseas. I will definitely recommend these and take another order soon!

I'm really into eyeliners but sometimes eyeshadows shows the colors in your face, so i bought this wonderful 88 palette eyeshadow from a blog, which is very similar to Coastal Scents (which i originally wanted to order from). I didn't had the chance to try it out yet but I'm pretty sure this purchase made my day (:

Many thanks to Karen who recommended me the MUA forums and taught me a few stuffs, she passed me some sephora color palettes too. I am really excited to try them out!

xoxo, amandasweet

Zen Habits

Ever thought of responding to your anxiety when a dateline is near, by transforming your anxiety to inspiration?

I'm getting more nervous when school starts, more anxious on my assignments and sometimes losing my inspirations by just wasting my time procrastinating or freezing time. It really helps to just plan with minimalism and focus on one or two things in a day, learning how to enjoy the process. So, if anyone is struggling like me too, read this (:

I hope it helps.

xoxo, amandasweet

Clare's 21st

Sweetie pie's 21st Birthday! Loads of nice people, crowd, food and fun!

Broccz group picture. And Elmo came visiting..
It was a great party, and we headed to Phuture afterwards..!

xoxo, amandasweet

Days before school opening

Holidays was just ending for me during the end of August and retail therapy at Ion really helps. I've been falling in love with Ion's takiyaki ever since.

A trip to the MINT toy museum with baby definitely soothed my anxiety and made my day.

The girls with the deco we put on.
And finally a group picture to end our orientation period with the freshmen.
Not to mention, i made quite a bunch of new friends (:

xoxo, amandasweet

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okie, im back. So long never blog, cuz i have nothing to blog about. Very sian and lazy to upload pictures and stuffs. Been busy working in workshop and doing projects. Dam tired for almost everyday. Work is killing me. How i wish this term will soon end. But so wad even if it end? i only have 1week holiday. Pathetic can?

A *look like coffin* ring i made for my project. Not finish yet. half done. =) still need to sand and polish a little here and there.

Trying to make a dome using dye forming technique. Need to cut out the shape u want in a piece of wood, attached the piece of metal u want to use and hammer it. Not fun at all, very sian. i did 2times for the wood cuz i broke the previous one. Hammer untill my hand very pain, i hammer my own hand also! =.=`` but its okie, im always re-doing like 2 to 3 times den can. Waste alot of time re-doing.

Finish doming le. silver and brass. need to cut out, but i need to let my lecturer check if its deep enuff. Spend half of my day knocking. Dam tired and dirty. I grow muscle liao.

Learning new software this term. 3D Max. This is the alien that i design for my first project. I name it OctoAlien. (Perspective View)

Front view of OctoAlien and her baby. LOL! i add background and lighting. Nice? even if people say not nice i don care. =P My first time leh, plus i like it alot.

The bottom view, they are swimming. i need to make a 1min animation using 3Dmax of the OctoAlien. If its nice i will post it so u guys can see my OctoAlien in ACTION!

Pictures of my Darling Biscuit...

Biscuit with Eeyor KorKor.

My mummy so bad. She is abusing animals.



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Many rest and loves!

went for hokkaido ramen at Ion Orchard (beside Watami) with baby *thumbs up for the awesome ramen*
the banana takiyaki made my day >.<
went tanning and swimming with bro
finally done with attachment work and boss treated us to an international buffet at panpac *sashimiiii~*
did a little catch-up with hadrian and david with eli during lunch *can't wait for the next one :p*
looking forward to orientation with the yr1's students... not *the games kinda turn me off ):*
i am addicted to dragonica *i think i shldnt be happy about this but yea... i miss playing till 5am*
bought new clothes! *altho im planning to buy a few more before sch opens hehe*
school's starting next week! *kinda half-hearted right now, yikes!*
sorry peeps, been working on basic stuffs lately, just drawing some perspective so no updates on drawing but many many thanks to those who commented on my drawings, really appreciate it and motivates me more :p
so many things on my list undone, mandy's buying time~

░▒▓ sorry about the lack of pictures this week, too busy and tired to be in the mood gahh ▓▒░

xoxo, amandasweet

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Her Wedding

♥ Bing's wedding ♥
She's now married, how fast time passes (:
The classy white wedding was held at her condo, beautiful place with the beautiful bride.
Some pictures thanks to Hernying!

So.. who's next? HAHA

xoxo, amandasweet