Sunday, July 26, 2009

best day ever, with the person i love.

I went, I did, I love.
  • skyride and lugeride with baby despite the letdown weather, it was a fun ride without any tan though, guess its just not my day.
  • went for lunch @ longjohn, i know boring, but i've been craving since i-dunno-when so who cares hehe
  • went for a shopping spree at vivo and i spent $70++ at forever21 opps, but i got a $25 voucher!
  • bought ocha at Mansurui Fish Market (originated from Hokkaido) *superrrr niceeee* baby suggest i bring it to drink in office everyday xD
  • baby insist on going to Homefix to get me the mozzie nets to ban all of them from entering my room lol. thanks love, he's so sweeeeet~
  • finally, went to and bought fisheye lens for my holga and some films i can't wait to test them out (EPPS negative and normal slide films) , glad chloe gave some discounts (: can't wait to use them on the last day of my colleague's attachment wee~
  • totally mesmerized by all the cheap sales going on at the flea site, so i decided to flea around and caught some awesome stuffs, bought this super classy bag for only $14 and a bracelet for only $3!
  • spent loads of moolah today baby had to drag me away ): .... we went to collect baby's book on stock market shares @ Funan Times, and bought our dinner at Subway (he's totally craving for it)
  • reeeaaaalllyyyy glad with my purchase today, totally digging it, i loved all the items and i can't beeleaf the deals i managed to get. fruitful day, managed to get most of my stuff off the list teehees.
*no pictures for today, too busy throwing moolah*... and my wallet is crying.

xoxo, amandasweet

Friday, July 24, 2009

Colleagues at Astar celebrating Edi's bday and starring my self-acclaimed best friend hudada (: we are so sistaaas!

Cupcakes from Crystal Jade for Edi, instead of the usual cake (glad they loved my idea :b)
Lunchie at Eighteen Chefs with our cupcakes for desserts hees x)

and... we managed to surprise him with a balloon affair in the office weee~
totally owned the office room for an hour taking pics with the balloons xDmandy needs a break (:
xoxo, amandasweet

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What more can i ask for?

What more can I ask for.. when I have almost everything that makes me happy. Sometimes not bothering much helps more than caring and wasting your time and energy on some stuffs. Glad I got it over my chest, time to start anew properly (not start all over :p) --- Enough of my blabbering, I'm really super tired to post these stuffs nicely so it's really an effort to spent half of time editing these pictures. Caught Harry Potter movie on Saturday evening with babylove, after hearing all the negative comments (trust me, i was damn freaking desperate to prove them wrong) But yes, you're right, I totally yawned throughout the entire movie and I just have to say compared to the previous series, this was really disappointing. But as Harry Potter fans, Im sure there were still lots of people who caught the movie despite its disappointment.

Office days been a bitch recently, all my procastinating and confusion I built up in my head its just really damn eff-ed up and Im glad I have baby and my friends there for me to clear my cloudy head. Thanks guys. Trying really hard to sleep early so that I wont have to take my daily dose of coffee/tea! Boohoo!

And thanks for showering so much love my dear one, ilu (:

Happy 21st Birthday Zhihui~
Went for zh's bday party on sat evening, really glad she loved the present and enjoyed the day (altho we kinda died from the noise pollution *coughs*)

Sunday night, best night ever for the week. Glad I didnt miss it (thanks to bro), went for an art exhibition in a warehouse by several artists. Pictures are taken in a pretty dark area so some of them might not do justice to the artists' works!

A series of silhouette art done by artist Kosuke Misawa, very talented and creative artist. Blow up the picture and you'll find his works made of paper cuts. The pictures tells a story and its placed in order so enjoy! (:

Optic fibres placed to create a beautiful picture. Such a magnificient view! Really sad the picture doesnt do justice. And because it was so long, I could hardly take a good composition. The optic fibres are all placed between mirrors so it gives an illusion of neverending-ness.

Reflection; people's inner self (something like never judge one's appearance)
I guess I still do sometimes, but too bad haha its human nature :p

The model's legs was from a baby, loved the way she stepped on the eggs. Really give a nice composition to it, with the beautiful lighting too.

There was also meaningful sentences that makes a lot of sense and many (and i really mean many) people still don't get it. One of my favourite was the paperplanes, it really give a sense of birds gushing out from one point of the window with all that anxiety. It was really nice I met with the artist of the paperplanes, Dawn was a really nice young lady, not to mention pretty sweet looking hehes. The other artworks were as captivating and I leave you to your own judgement with some snippets I composited. Im open to any comments regarding my phototaking or even the art exhibition! Thanks in advance for reading guys. Love u all (:

...and i shall stop procrastinating
xoxo, amandasweet

Friday, July 17, 2009

Life's a bitch!

Life's a bitch sometimes, as the title says. I just can't imagine how much people wonder and think even when they have almost everything. It just keeps coming back, "is it not enough", "am i not doing it right", "should i be doing something else"? It's just so frustrating for me but at the same time a learning process. Sometimes, i tell myself its not just to get over it but to figure it out and prolly something good will come out of it! So, life's being a bitch ATM but still looking forward. Let's go on to something more cheery~ Just got my new phone 2days ago, getting pretty used to it since its still sony ericsson but this time C905! Kudos to the 8mgp camera :D

Tuesday was more relax having to visit Ministry of Food @ Bugis with baby after telling him all my yummy cravings hehe. (special thanks to JJ and Claire for recommending the place) We were so tempted to go back another visit to try out the main courses!

Happy 22nd Birthday to Xueling, one of my working colleauges at Astar. We celebrated at Swensens with the 1-for-1 lunch hehe, took damn long to queue and seriously their service was pretty poor. I guess it was the crowd keep them busy too (or confused) Anyways, the cake is freaking awesome, yums at ice cream cakes but way too sinful. I totally felt fat on the way home i practically wanna skip dinner :(
Work's been a bitch lately too. I keep losing the concentration and interest recently, its just either my headaches or insufficient sleep or whatever, I kinda think my weight's bothering me though, its like i have to do sth about it ugh! SO yea, been pretty down lately but ill catch up this weekend i promise myself... i will. Give me the love peeps (:
Just finished a sharing session with Digipen's prospective students and my body is tired as hell. I'm off to sleep and hopefully it'll turn out better tomorrow! Nights all (:

*i need a freaking direction*
xoxo, amandasweet

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

38.6 °C

Having high fever. =( Feel very sick now. Whole body aching, no energy to move. Fever, Headache, Bodyache and pain, throat infection and flu also.
Feeling unwell like around 2pm. But still decided to go and find Zhu at his place.
Went there, i super unwell den Zhu gave me Panadol to eat. But no help leh. So i call mummy. Mummy ask me go and see doctor.
Den Zhu bought me down den we go and see doctor at nearby.
Took temperature 3times. 38.6 °C sial.
Doctor ask me to stay home 2days and see if i recover or not. If not, den need to go and see again. Hope i recover. T.T
Sigh.. Zhu bought me KoolFever. The big cooling plaster u stick on ur head for fever use. =D
Later when i go to bed after finishing my dinner and eating Med i will use it. Bahaha.

❤ 猪猪侠.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to the Ice Age

Ice Age 3
Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Wells, I guess pretty much everyone's watched Ice Age 3 recently, and of course it was totally awesome. The best part in this sequel for me would be the adventure into the land of dinosaurs not to mention it was all along right under their world. It kinda reminds me of Jurassic Park, bringing me back to the world of T-rex and all that excitement. Decided to put on this poster instead of the main one because I so loveee these baby dinossssss <333
Next up: Can't wait for Harry Potter!
xoxo, amandasweet

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pencil Studies

Gesture sessions haven't been that enjoyable for me these two weeks, guess I have to put my mind off everything to concentrate and start doing better gestures. Added a little crosshatching effect to my favourite piece, think it looks a lot better like this.

Just a few weeks ago, I spent all my time working and doing small detailed studies on facial features and some other random stuffs. These are some of the thumbnails of my studies, i'm open to any comments if you have any. Thanks for viewing!

Cloth study

Hand/Foot Gesture

Hair (Fav. collection)

Tauren's weapon (medium: pen)

Open your mind to anything and everything, that is the best way to learn.
xoxo, amandasweet

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Okie, some pictures taken by me this week.

This is my drawing of Piggylove VS Monsters & Aliens. My art piece for Zhu. Hero Jim is him standing on top of his Wise Tortoise God fighting against evil. Croco Frog Monster and Octo-Star Alien is the baddie. Nice mar?

Woke up in the morning (dono which morning) saw biscuit sitting outside the door. So took a picture of her. HEHEHE! so cute.
Yesterday i brought biscuit out for a walk.
Sabby came back to Singapore and called me and say she is in school. She bought many candies from me and ask if i can go to school so i get myself changed and ready to walk to school. Biscuit heard and she wants to come along.
So bring her to the toilet and ask her to wee wee, and shes so dam cute. i saw her squating down so i ran to take tissue to clean her ass. Den she tot i want to pangseh her, she chase after me and never pee. LOL. i carry her back to the toilet and told her to pee and i will wait. She pee and YAY, ready to go. XD
Put her in my bag, carry it on my shoulder and off we go.
Had a happy trip with her but i cant go into the shopping mall to have short cut cuz Biscuit is with me. So i walk a longer way to school. She is sucha good gurl. Never try to jump out from my bag, jus sitting inside with her head poping out looking at others, cars.... and, many people is looking at her. LOL!

Me and Biscuit ready to school.

Waiting for the lift.

In the lift. =)

Walking to School.

Okie, i rest about 5mins in school after collecting the candies cuz im freakin` tired. Biscuit looking around, on our way home.

Reaching home soon!!! Look, she is sucha good gurl. >.<``

Wooohh, taking the lift up! =)

See, Sabby bought me so much candies from her hometown. =) Yummy yummy leh.


After walking to school and back home, i take a nap and sleep till evening.
Waited for Piggylove to book out. He promise me to bring me for movies cuz he is free. Heex. So happy lurhh. He came to fetch me at around 8.30pm and we went to P.S to watch Ice Age 3. The movie starts at 10.45pm.
We walk around P.S and went to Pastamania for dinner. :D
Ice Age 3 so nice, i love the 3 Baby Dinos and the Dino Mummy called Rudy ar? They so cute lar. OMGOMGOMG. i don mind watching it again. Hehe. (Sorry, while bathing i rmb that Rudy is the Biggest Scariest Dino, the white color one. Sorry i Sala.)
Zhu watch till dozed off. =.=`` Guess he finish duty den very tired, thats why dozed off. =(
They said got the 3D one, Zhu say wana watch 3D but i don want. I scared the thing hit my face. But they say 3D is nicer. Dono lar, nvm. Bhahhaaha.
Zhu says : 你的dictionary没有这可字bad。你真的很clumsy。
I enjoy my day alot. Happy Happy. ;D *winks*


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farewell to Denny!


Denny's last day with us before he leaves for his studies at Aussie.
Daven's treat that night for his 21st bday, Goodwood Park Hotel's Min Jiang.
Prawning late midnight. 3 hours, 10 people, 11 prawns, loads of fun. (:

@ Work

It's just really hard keeping the mood up and am still trying my best, pretty convinced i've to work even harder now *manda pats on her back*

xoxo, amandasweet

Sunday, July 5, 2009

S8300 Red or F480 Pink???

YAY!!! Daddy buy me new phone!
My C902 use less den a year, spoil till CMI liao. The batt kena water, the charger spoil, the usb thing cant connect, the ear piece spoil cant listen, the charging part rust, the hp dented in and colors chips off.
Wanted to buy Samsung F480 pink color. Went there and saw another one. A better and newer model. So de singtel man told me the newer one is more popular and better and recommend me to buy it. So in the end i bought Samsung Ultra Touch S8300. Theres only 3 colors - Red, Blue and Black. And i think the color makes no diff to the phone cuz the whole phone is black, den u slide up, the key pad is red and the back part (camera there) is red. If u slide down the phone, the whole thing is black. =.=``
The phone is touch screen and also have keypad. But F480 no keypad, its like iphone and i like the color. The pink is so cute. But daddy and mummy said S8300 camera is better. Its 8megapix and F480 is only 5megapix. ='(
I like F480 lurhh!!! Piggylove also say F480 look nicer. Sniffs. Bobian lar, buy oso buy liao. Pay more for S8300 summor. T.T
Mummy bought Nokia 5800 sia. NOKIA COMES WITH MUSIC nehh... LOL!My mummy so HIP. And now she is learning how to use Touch Screen. Bahaha.
Sigh. I want F480, wad u guys think? Which one is better? S8300 Red or F480 Pink???