Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy B`day to San, Zhu & Bro.

Happy Birthday to SanSan(28/6) , PiggyLove (29/6) & DarlingBrother (30/6).

San is not in SG so i send a msg to indo to wish her. =D its her 20th birthday, i hope she will not be so blurr and gong.

Celebrated Zhu's B`day last night at TPY, enjoy alot. Thanks to Howard, AhTing & Vyvien for buying the Cake and gave Zhu surprise. Midnight 11pm the 3 of them went to find cake. LOL. Police came and check, said we make too much noise. I guess some1 complained us or somthing. Okie, i lazy to say the details like who is there and wad we did, lazy type. HAHA!

The very precious cake...

Zhu cutting cake. His 19th birthday.

AhTing, Lim, Howard
Zhu, Me

Celebrated Bro's Birthday, Daddy Mummy bought him a Heart shape cake. SO GAY, but cute. Daddy Mummy bais de lo, Me and Jie birthday no heart shape den bro have. Humph.
Ohya, and Dad Mum jie me di went for movie at iluma. We watched 'Ghost of GFs Past' *okie i think the movie title is this, im not sure*. Not bad, nice movie.

Bro's Heart shape cake. Even my maid made him salad in a giant tomato with a heart shape cover cut out from the tomato. LOL.

Bro's 17th birthday.

Ummm? how come my ahma is the one blowing the candles and not my brother?

Biscuit & her bestfriend Chewy. LOL!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Fallen Will Rise!

Rating: 4/5

Weekends are pretty hectic for me as usual, trying to accomplish stuffs that I don't have the time to do on weekdays. Of course, that includes meeting up with friends and cliques (:

Despite the busy schedule, met up with lp and gang with baby for dinner at Mad Jack (pretty decent restaurant at PeaceCentre) but the food wasn't great. We went for midnight show "Transformers 2", can't forget how much i loved the first one. This second one was as awesome, overall I loved the movie and characters, well partly the storyline too. Lots of new movies coming up, and I really wanna catch them all so leave comments behind if u've seen some good ones and recommend me! (except horror ones thanks)

Any interesting stuffs to share with us?
Recently, i realised im surfing the internet more than usual (surprisingly more than game) so as to get more inspiration. Came across a lot of cool websites and don't mind checking them out, ill be updating more at the blogsite on the bottom right list. These are some cool stuffs i came upon this morning while slacking:

YUMMY YOGHURT - This is cute! heex
WATCHMEN TRAILER - Can you get the answers?
NEW WEARABLE FEEDBAGS - I can't believe they still invent such stuffs, what if it really becomes famous?? I think fast foods are already killing the americans =\

xoxo, amandasweet

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adieu Pavan, Repose en paix MJ!

Repose en paix MJ
Mandy loves MJ's songs, so I paid tribute to him in Facebook
and may he rest in peace...

Adieu Pavan
Farewell and Bon voyage our fine colleague, I'm sure we had loads of fun in this short period of time together. All the best to your future endeavours. (:

Exhausted to the max, recharge needed.
Will upload my drawings real soon, sorry for the delay.
xoxo, amandasweet

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tomorrow belongs to nobody

Ever thought of what you would do the next morning while lying on ur bed sleeping? I'd do that everyday (: And this very website made me even more eager to improve my working space. Check google, pixar and nike offices... how interesting can work get?!

So, I finally caught some time last weekend to shop at Ikea with my boy. Check out my new space, much more spacious. Additions to be up soon, a wall shelf and a noteboard! Pretty satisfied with what I have now but kinda wished I could find a bigger table, guess my two screens are taking up too big a space. :\ I'm planning to add one or two paintings on the wall too, hopefully ill get the time to do some!

Work's been pretty fun, so I manage to wake up with a smile everyday and dress my getup I want my day to be. Just wished I had more moolah, eyeing on alot of apparels online, in topshop and forever21 aiks~

Just in case you're curious, I'm working on a 2D flash game with a little 3D incorporated based on personality test *DISC. Hopefully the game works out fine, so i'll be able to send over to some friends for beta testing :p hehes. I'm also working on drawing for now, too many stuffs going in my head I just gotta concentrate on one first. Just spent 2 weeks on hand/foot gesture studies, working on eyes/lips/hair study now. FYI, will update some of my drawings (rough ones tho) for some opinions so keep updated! Any comments welcomed, would love whatever's flowing in your mind readers (:

This week's prolly the worst week I've had, having to fall sick and stuffs etc but things are picking up soon. I'll get back all my energy and go high on my drawings :b can't wait for movies sessions...

oh! and peeps, I've added an entire list of what I view almost everyday (art and fashion blogs). Check them out if you're interested! I'd welcome any recommendations so I can add them on to my list too :>

am so gonna lose the freaking 3kg i gained.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

End of JD6.1

Yay, finally this term end. But i only have 1 week hols. =( badbad. This term i do alot of things. Everyday i go to school. From 10am to 6pm or 10am to 10pm. Hardworking mar? Surprise rite? how come i bcome sucha good girl. HAHA!
Okie, this term i have 3 modules that needs to do group work. And there are some groups i enjoy really much with and some not really good. Lazy people, don want to do anything. Super hate them and i hope they FAIL!

Okie, this is one of the modules that i suppose to take in my year1 but i didnt. Is like a model making class. So this is our giant matchBox, size 20:1. 4 Matchsticks, each groupmate make 1. Hehe, is made from recycled cardboards.

Me sitting inside the matchbox with every1s matchstick.

Sabby lighting the matchstick. LOL!

Clement, no idea what he trying to do?

Our group Leader. The late king. Forever late 1hour.

This is my matchstick. See, my name is on it. =P

Okie, this is my Studio Practice. We are to make a necklace and a bangle. Blahblahblahh so much to say but i lazy to say. So these are some of the pictures of my work. Its unfinished, cuz i not enuff time to polish and stuffs. =( hope can pass all the modules this term.

The Bangle. Inspiration is from global flood and icicles.

Top view.

Side View.

Neckpiece. Made of Silver and Resin.


15/16 June

Biscuit sleeping in between ahma's leg.

Look at the way she sleep. So unglam.

Lol. LoveBiscuitMuchMuch..

My Seniors graduation. I went to support them. Another 6months is my turn le.. Yippee!!! XD

My Senior's work. Degree student. The lady in the picture is her mother. OMGOMGOMG rite? i love the jewelry she make.

My seniors too!!! But, this is Diploma. =D

The Graduation Day is also my Directors Birthday! Happy Birthday Julie! *MwackMwacks*

This is wad my Dear Bro made for his Darling GF! I help him to make the shape and he do the sanding and polishing. Its Resin. Cute eh?

Look wad Bro's GF gave him. 2 Teddies. And she so thick skin, make my brother hug her. HAHAHA! so cute.

Okie, this is my Resin Angsana Heart that i made for PiggyLove. Inside total got 9 Angsana seeds. Actually is rubbish that i found in my school workshop. Looks nice, not bad right? haha. i hang it on his Key so he can carry around everyday. AHHAHA. Pretty mar? =X


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unfaithful Weekend

Wu GuanZhong "An Unbroken Line"

Let me start today's post with what I did in the weekend before i ruin my own mood. I've been looking forward to this exhibition ever since the last trip to Sentosa's Images of Singapore. Having to view this collection on sunday morning with my family was the best! We had a short tour in Singapore Art Museum for Wu GuanZhong's collection themed "An unbroken line" which depicts how strong our feelings are attached like a string that may never break. His collection comprises of oil on canvases and some other paintings he did in the modern time. I personally loved his old collection on his village scenery, loved the colors and strokes of his pieces. Some of the collection was too contemporary I couldn't appreciate or understand the meaning behind his artworks. This makes me even more excited to visit the MINT Toy museum! Can't wait for it. (:

Baby and I decided to bake chocolate crinkles, which we kinda planned 1 or 2 weeks ago but didn't have the time to dedicate. So, we went to shop for the ingredients and took about half the day baking this! Mind you, its our first time baking together hehe :D so kudos to our success! I think our crinkles tasted awesome~ (and to think that i was sick i could only take a few tiny pieces -.-)

I call it unfaithful weekend because i fell sick prolly on sat night (have absolutely no idea why), prolly weather or sth and I kinda wasted my weekend just resting at home :(

It got even worse when i had a slight fever and decided to take a one-day leave from work, but fell on the slippery floor while trying to answer a call at home. It was so pathetic I had to crawl to bed and try to stand.

So, woke up with a pain in my tailbone and butt area i had no choice but to go for an Xray consultation with mum. Luckily, the doctor said it would heal by itself so i came home safely. Another day passes, without having to do anything... hais

So I was pretty upset about the entire sick and fall thing, when i came to realise there was actually ubisoft drawing session last night too, made me even more devastated :\

Neways, the two favourite thing i got to work on during the weekend was pretty fun and meaningful so pls let me recover asap, i hate being sick goddammit! Ughs!

xoxo, amandasweet @ home rotting

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy B`day to my Limpeh.

OKie, 12June its Dad's Birthday and we celebrated last week eating dinner together and watching movie. So today Sis bought cake and mummy bake bread for Daddy.
Mummy's Bread. She wrote the words herself. Haha.

Daddy talking to Biscuit?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Suey.

Okie, fucking suey. Ytd i lost my NUM slippers at stupid facial place and they cant find it. i dono which fucking bitch took my slippers. And that bitch left her sandals there. No choice i have to wear her smelly sandals. Head down to Cine and Heeren to find myself a new pair of slippers. Piggy was with me and Yay, lucky he was there to cheer me.
Me and Piggy bought the same pair of slippers. Teehee. Its comfy and i love the color combi. Piggy loves it too. =P
I even called mama and complain like ahSiao. I seriously dono which fucking ediotic bitch can wear the wrong shoes. I think she did it on purpose lor. And the fucking manager and stupid workers all pissed me off. They helped me call those who left the place before i came and left, but none admit. Fuck it.

And today, while walking back to school from Art Friend, i dropped my dam wallet in the middle of the road and worst, i didnt realise it. i was chatting with my friend happily hopping and jumping around. Den my wallet fall out from my pocket cuz i jump too much i guess. A motorbiker saw and ran after us and all of us start checking. i touch my pocket and realise my wallet is gone. i turn back and i saw a man coming down from a van, picked up my wallet and drove off.
i chase after the van lar. Fuck, i look like an ediot. No cars dare to drive at the moment cuz i was running like a mad woman chasing after the van shouting. =.=` OKie, lucky the cars stop and let me chase after the van. Super drama scene. speechless. Every1 noes i drop my wallet.
After getting my wallet back from the driver on the van, the cars start moving again, and so i walk back to my friends. One of the driver drove pass me and open up his window and said, `hey u are lucky today!`. Yes im lucky and very unlucky. Fuck, i hope tml will be a beta day.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up!

Thanks to sweetiepie for organising, BROCCZ finally get to meet up! I MISS U ALL, IT WAS THE AWESOMEST DAY FOR THIS MONTH DARLINGS! hearts u all <3>

camwhoring with renee, i miss you bitch! x)
lovessssss, and ill upload more pics when i get them from sweepaii hees

First day at work and my colleagues are super nice&friendly! Can't wait to make more new friends (: Work's pretty taking me on a toll, but ill get by... i know i will ♥

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY LOVEEEEEEE, family had dinner and movie for celebration!
We caught "Night at the Museum 2", thought it was not bad but comparatively it wasn't as good as the first movie. Newhos, check the movie out if ure a fan of the first one! (:

xoxo, amandasweet

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Keep Drawing!" , so he said.

Ever since i was born, i was extremely bad at gesture drawing. So ive been trying really hard to figure out how to "master" the art of gesture drawing.

It's been awhile since the last semester ended, but the gesture drawing sessions with ubisoft still goes on. Somehow, im becoming addicted to gesture drawing, i just find so much fun in doing them.

This week's session was a little special (unlike all the naked models we've been having), we had a cosplay girl with joker makeup put on (i did the makeup for her :D)

I wasn't really satisfied with the entire session bcus i wasn't good at drawing models with clothes on yet. But I was grateful as i happened to be studying cloth types the night before so it kinda guide me thru the session.

This is my favourite piece. Not sure how long i took, prolly approx. 20mins

Thought i might as well post some of my older drawings too! :)
A few 1 and 5 mins drawing few weeks ago. She's my favourite model so far too xD

This one's on Kim, prolly the best male model we have so far too.

These are some of the older works near the end of last semester where i was focusing on getting the characters clearcut so i could work out some character design.

Foreshortening's pretty challenging too :)

One of the interesting session i had! I struggled a little in the beginning because of the texture of her costumes, but found myself getting used to it after awhile. 10-15mins drawing

The other sketches i did with pen instead of pencil for Joker cosplay.

Leave comments or any improvements if you feel like sharing! Hopefully ill get the chance and courage to try out other materials soon, especially watercolors and poster colors.
Always looking forward to the next session! Yippee~ OH! and did i mention im starting work tomorrow :)) procrastinating tho x.x

xoxo, amandasweet.