Friday, March 27, 2009


like finnaaallyyyyyyy been waiting for this freaking day i meet sweetiepieeee for our shopping and camwhoring, altho we didnt have enough time for tanning and hajilane, guessed we felt pretty accomplished today hurs. hehee didnt shop much, kinda went ard the cityhall and bugis area but manage to catch up with each other ;D

awesome: superdog, claresweet's holga, camwhoreinrandomtoilets
sweetiepieee made my day weee~

-can't wait to get my lomocam toos-
xoxo, amandasweet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

happy 15th Jappy!

Attended our group acting to discuss about the location settings and stuff so kinda tired... met up with the steamboat group afterwards but decided to go for Seoul Garden cus steamboat wasnt halal hehes. Although we were all tired from the acting day, we enjoyed so much during the dinner especially japher hurhur. Celebrated his birthday early too, super loved his present and he chose his awesome chocolatey chocolate super schweet cake! So, the entire day's reali exhausting but fun :)

Group peekture from the Seoul Garden (yay, everyone's in!)

addicted to gossip girl 2
xoxo, amandasweet

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wells, everyone's had a really hard time themselves either in work, private or home. (there's so much i wanna say, but i shant say) Havent been updating much due to the immediate flood of assignments everytime we finish handling each one of them, but still fun with my friends at school! Really lost track of where i stopped updating my peektures and stuffs i did so guess ill just post the next one that comes up which is.. the steamboat we're gonna have tomorrow with JKHARTSS + japher, lokling and clairebearx! There's the film assignment to work on too, gotta meet my group at 1pm and i am so not used to waking up early still ughs.

oya! there's this one week break for us this week and i cant wait to meet claresweets on thurs hehe, kinda upset we couldnt find a full day to meetup tho. Neways, with that big load of assignment our break is kinda like a schoolweek, or maybe even worse. Pretty busy these days getting my work done and other stuffs ready for my 4mths hols, hopefully will be able to find a job pretty soon! So, im off to do my work againsx... till then!

me cant wait to watch gossipgirl2, clairebearx pass me soooonnnn~
xoxo, amandasweet

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Played Maple again wif Zhu, but is another server not MapleSea. Was fun but after awhile, Sian liao. Here are some screen shots i took. =)

Some SS i took with him.



Saturday, March 14, 2009


A Pig from the PIG


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chuffed to bits

missed alot of posts to update about my recent hangouts due to baby herman's assault, too many peektures to load so im gonna skip some of them xD

went ikea with some of my fwens to get the art materials and we caught the movie Slumdog Millionaire toos. all of us missed the hotdogs and meatballs from ikea, totally the only motivation for us to travel all the way there wahaha, clairebearx and i loved the ice cweamm right right :P

Denny blanjah us to dinner at Tung Lok Signature. loved the Beijing Duck and dessert weeee~ pity i don't like shark fin xD hahas

Watchmen rox lor, me loves the show so what are u waiting for!? Neways, suppose to catch it again with Digipen fwens but stupid noob countergirl don't let me in cuz i didnt bring my IC, do i frigging look that young (slaps her verbally) dammitsx

Finally got a breather and i decided to head down to sentosa with baby, didnt reali get a tan but enjoyed the weather and fresh air. Hafta really thank baby for being there all this while, took me awhile to get over things ugh :B

ANDDDD...... i finalllyyyy got my haircut like since forever, banana says my hair's thick like hell (it's like cutting 3 people's hair altogether) yeas funny not sure if he's exaggerating but MY HEAD FEELS SO MUCH LIGHTER NOW Weeee~

and guess what, baby bought us tickets to DISNEY ON ICE PRINCESS WISHES. ohmyfuckinggawd ive been waiting for it for sooo damn long, just cant miss this one hehe me loves pwincessessss! hafta rush my assignments so that i can enjoy the show this sat. *bounce aways*

xoxo, amandasweet-alot

Monday, March 9, 2009

simple words.

don't wanna dig deep into things
so, let me just say it in a few words
for all my frens out there, and the special you

it's been a long and bumpy ride for everyone
but i promise i wont be tired
because you mean everything in the world to me

nothing much or more, just wanna be happy everyday!
AND thanks baby for being there to cheer me up ilu.

and.. i finally got things sorted out somehow so gonna post up the overdue peektures from the weekends yaaa.. back to my animation ugh! cant wait to finish it :\

xoxo, amandasweet

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

heartfelt words...

to daddy, kinkin, kelly
P.S. dare to live life the way you want.

xoxo, amandasweet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drown me in my bittersweet world.

Its Saturday! Baby and I went to meet lp and gang for dinner at Carousel (Royal Plaza at Scotts). Gene's 21st birthday and he's treating us to the buffet weee! Had an awesome spread of dinner there but really sad cuz i forgot to bring my pink camera along dammitxsz xD so kinda took the fooood with my phone's camera (thanks for saying using hp camera's low class shiat!) LOL. so dinner was reallyyyy great and the blueberry cake along with the awesome dishes and sashimi never fails to make my day hees. and its getting to be really like a trend to get wallets for occasions (we got LP his ferragamo wallet last week and got Gene his Mont Blanc wallet this week, sorry didnt take a peekture of it sobs, of course baby and I bought each other Braun Buffel wallets on Vday too hees) but really glad we catch up these few weeks despite the busy-ness and epic emo-ness.

Ugh, talking about that, really tied up this week, sorry for neglecting some of you if i did. Wells just wanted to get things sorted out in my mind and really glad all of you are there for me :)) loveloves! Just kinda confused at the moment still, so gonna drown in my own bittersweet world (with baby of course :P) teehees neways reallyyyy gotta start banging baby herman sooo.....
o~ya! forgot to mention im glad with the acting thingy kinda get something off my chest finally, thanks to those who was there for me hees *huggies* off i go!


amandasweet. (sometimes i wonder if im really sweet enuff -.-)

JJ's 24th.

Happy 24th birthday to JJ-awesome! It's been a long run since sem 1 and we're all glad we have you together with us hees :D wells, just some peektures from the group celebration after film class mwahahahas xD

Cards made specially by sihkinbabylove and written with love by KHARTSS + C(bear) lols. Japher wanted to write in it too (guess he's too shy after all)

JJ's mango cakeeeyyy, glad it was nice :D

Ahem, not sure who's stealing his cake LOL. eli and her epicness with lokling.

JJ presenting the present of the day rawr!

Took a picture before we wrapped it, went to Ceasers to get it with Japher. Really sweet of him to chip in for the pressie too. Hope you had a fun and memorable birthday dudeeee lols.

The Devil xD

thats all, and everyone's busy rushing for the baby herman test :\ good luck to all!
xoxo, amandasweet.