Monday, February 23, 2009

We are all that and much more.

T, wherever you are. please know that we're all here for you, really wish you're safe out there so god (wonder if ure even out there) bless you and pls call us soon :(

ugh, frigging hate my mood right now! rawr.
To all: we are all that and much more, so don't give up on life.



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Loon's 21st

Loon's 21st last night, treated us to Angus House at Taka. Awesome dinner. love the steak and whole course meal hehe even the dessert made me drool :p So, we went for movie Pink Panther 2 after dinner and headed to Cine for l4d but the computers were all taken ugh. Neways, we decided to chill out and have some desserts and supper at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe, and we ordered alot of desserts hurhur. Super fun day after my dental appt, kinda glad I enjoyed my sat hehe.

Group: Loon, Denny, Kenny, Calvin, Gene, Weekeat and me. Daven joined us after the movie!

the cute and yummie bun hees spread with butterrr <3

codfish for starters

pumpkin souppie

salad, my love.

My tenderloin steak with bacon strip and mushroom saucey hees <33

Dessert: tiramisu cakey aw my love!

a group pix :D

the guys totally enjoyed standing there talking lor (NS stuff gahh)

Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Cine for supper and dessert

mango pudding, mango ice cream, mango with pomelo (mango drives me nuts)

muah chee!

pineapple bo lo bun : baby's

mango snow ice.

birthday boi and his mango snow ice.

denny and daven, the ultimate couple xD

Gene insists on taking a pic with lp LOL

Weekeat and his strawberry snow ice.

Chua's triple snow ice.

and thats the whole dinner, had a whole load of catch up and gene's 21st coming up nx wk hurhur. so we'll look forward to it. xD

signing off, gotta do my frigging gestures.
xoxo, amandasweet.

Feb Babies

This post is dedicated to the feb babies, happy birthday to all. :) Had a class celebration on fri after class for Lokling, Elizabeth, Sarah and Kelwin.

Yay, lets start off with my camwhore pix LOL. took some of them omw to sch in mummie's car hehe. kinda love black and white piccies now xD

cupcakes for eli and lok hees

a set for rah rah dear :) hee super cute laa (thanks to sihkin :p)

Sihkin made these lovely cards (altho she's not with us during the celebration) super sweet hunx thanks :) hee

Rah rah loves the surprise hehe. oh ya and enjoy your TF2 :p (JKHARTSS present to rah)
Happy birthday to you my dear!

xoxo, amandasweet.


Happy Vday to everyone (kinda late) but yea, had a fun day with baby. You're so sweet darling thanks for the roses and surprises :)) ilu! xD (yea totally owe baby his present too, he cant decide on it yet LOL) So, this is kinda our 6th year celebrating and I'd prefer one without a plan, or to kinda try out hahas. The whole day went pretty smooth tho, lotsa surprises too heex :p

So, our day starts at Vivo, kinda went to buy the movie tix for Valkyrie first and went on for our lunch xD baby insisted on getting me a balloon hahas so we got dragged in by the bank personnel. Went for lunch at a Jap restaurant with baby and his dad, (yup the "egg" breakfast honey, im working on it lol). Took a few pictures while waiting for baby too :) hees

aww love the blue roses baby, ilu too thanks!

and my Vday present: aw i love braun buffel x) hee thankew babylove! mwahhx

lol some random guy gave me this, super cute :p

so, we decided to try out the White Dog cafe for dinner after Valkyrie.

baby you look hot ILOVEYOU hehe

He was craving for his pork knuckles.

and of course, craving for my favourite mango chicken xD both were awesome!

tropical tango :D

yeas, thats all, headed back to his hse for awhile until 1+am. Best day ever after all that crazy sch work. Well, we had the awesome awfully chocolate ice cream too but I was too excited I forgot to take a picture of it -.- try it tho if you're a chocolate lover, super nice hee!
Thanks for making my day baby :) *hugs*

xoxo, amandasweet.