Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fuckin suey day. Yesterday catch 2 movies wif Gwen. We watch 'The Wedding Game' and 'Alls Well Ends Well'. Okie, funny and nice lor. i prefer The Wedding Game, Very cute.
Last night went to st. James Power Station. Kan pua suey. I drunk den later got some ediot took my locker key den go steal my HandPhone and Cash. Chibye Kia i curse u lar. Lucky my C902 spoil. Den i change to a Windows phone. The person oso so weird, my bag inside got 2 handphone he/she only take one and left the other one there. That fucker oso took Gwen's Cash and phone. Ediot lor.. Still so good, help her ZIP her bag back leh. Lucky Gwen only got 20+ Cash but i suey. i 130+ Bucks. =.="
Now i don have a phone liao. I gonna service my C902 den the spare Phone oso no more. So, people, don call me or find me for 2weeks cuz i no phone now. =]

Happy Chinese New Year (25.1)

Me, Gwen and Nini went to Si Ma Lu and join in the Pray Pray fun. Hehe.. We bought the BigBig jossStick. Each person One.

SEE!!! so many people go there and Pray lerh. Very smokey. Its my first time squeezing with so many people jus to pray the God. Haha.. Good experience. Those nv experience or go there b4 next year must go. =) Its a Culture thing i guess. Every New Year they will like that. Den every1 wana be the first to put the JossStick. Those Obasan very pro one lor, they squeeze and push NUMBER 1 lurh. I actually going in den they Squeeze and Push me untill i become way out. KNS. I next year wana go there again. i will try my best to be the first few. =)
I even made 3 wishes when i pray. 1 for myself, 1 for my Family and 1 for a Special someone >.< '


Lil' Stitch look so sad. =(

ChuEr no nid to bai nian so i meet up wif ZhuTou. Went down to PS archade den he got me this lil' stitch. Hehe.. We play the Mini Mentos machine. After that, Ate Ajisen den go to his house. First time go his house. We played UNO den while he nidda go to his Ahgong house cuz its his Bday. So, i head home.

Hehee.. This one is my asthma inhaler. I went to open up and see how inside look like. >.< ' got itchy hands. inside look very cool. So smart design.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy cny.

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!
(pardon me for looking damn shag that day, it was the night i only slept for 4hrs right before cny :\)

This year's been wtf for me and im totally in the midst of writing my essay which is due tomorrow lols. Got super bored of the 4pages and i really need a break!! Neways, another sleepless night for today but just thought i might as well say hi to everyone out there who's having fun in their cny visits! This week's really heavy with assignments as usual and my appetite's seems to grow bigger ever since zzz. Totally craving for the mango dessert at Far East right now (random right? thats how bimbotic i am ughh) Have got lotsa stuff i want to buy too but just cant find the time for a proper shopping spree sobs! Peeps out there having a hell of their time, be happppyy cuz im superultraextremelyveryso jealous right now kays.

yea, just had a nice chat with chianleng last night too, really missed the three MIAs (hello where u guys hur) and i heard zhihui's as busy as a bee! Really glad we had the chat my dear wifey, cant wait to catch with the fyp team. (gonna let them know by this week!) so back to my essay...
-not to mention, i love you JKHARTSS :)

loveloveeveryone, amandasweet.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

shop & eat!

uhh, super lazy to blog sorry for the lack of pictures damn tired and sick to sort them out. been eating and shopping these few days hehe, went to TischAsia for Rob Coleman's talk ytd and movie+shopping with the class awesome day! went shopping agn with baby today hehe :D lots of assignments waiting for me to do but im just so lazy ugh. off to play l4d for now :B (seriously nd to get some diet soon zz)

xoxo, love amandasweet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WoOoo.. Today go see doctor. Sick again cuz i eat too much New Year Goodies den no voice. =( sighh.. Throat infection.. Doctor say i good gurl today cuz i got finish using the asthma inhaler. Hehee..
Meet up wif Gwen Dear today and pass her the Perfumes she ordered. Went walk walk and i eye on a Casio Gold watch very long liao but nv buy cuz Mama say very Obasan. So i askGwen there to see for me. Got 3 kinda Designs. All oso very nice. Gwen help me choose. She say not bad. And so, i buy lorr.. Hehee.. So nice. I LOVE IT. Goldie Goldie.. (yesyes, i am obasan.)

Dehh, this is the watch i buy. Gwen Dear say this one suit me more. =) (okok, i noe the picture very cui. i dono how to take mar =.= )

Gwen bought me Birthday present. =) She gave me a Pierre Cardin wallet. The one that i like. Hahaa. Cuz that time i kena the alcohol den my wallet got one small patch not shiny. Summor abit tattered and torned liao ler. Old liao. Last time i 15Years old Daddy buy for me one. Also from Pierre Cardin. Den Gwen bought me somthing similar to my old one. New wallet lerh, So happy lor.. I use liao. I came home immediately change. >.< ` Pretty Pretty, Shiny Shiny.

Thanks Gwen Dear. Love You.

Okie, somthing stupid again. Wanti bought me fish cake. Is pig face one lor. She see very cute den she buy for me. Hehee..

Kawaii marh? =P


Monday, January 19, 2009

Demonie is Born...

Went out wif Gwen on Sat to GaiGaii. Den night time went to meet Zhu. He wanted to bring me watch Movie der den in the end didnt watch cuz for the Gold Class tickets only got Red Cliff and changeling . Den i don want watch that 2.
So we walk around Vivo cuz nothing to do.. Den walk pass Build a Bear and so we went in and BUILD A BEAR! hehee... Zhu said he make one for me as Valentine day prezzie cuz he cant book out to accompany me. He got dono wad field trip shyt. So BearBear will keep me company.
This is Pink Hearts Teddy. I think among all this is the nicest, so i pick this. Hearts all over her. Teehee. This teddy is a real sweetheart! It has a magnetic mouth and paws to give kisses. Hehee.
Pumping the Cotton in. Make BearBear fatfat.
Give BearBear Hearts. I choose to put 2 cuz is Zhu and Me make der. =) the Red one is his and the checkered one is MINE!
2 Hearts are Beating together ❤.
When put the hearts in, nidda do alot steps one. Dono what rub between ur hand, rub on forehead so BearBear will remember you, Rub each other tummy so BearBear wun hungry.. Many steps den last is make a wish den blow to the heart and put into BearBear. (i wonder wad wish Zhu made.) Hehee.

Okie, Hearts are in now and tying up the back. Hehee..

DONE! finish tying and den BearBear is ready to choose cloths. Haha..

i only take one T-shirt and a boxers cuz i don like others. The shoes, hat and bags all so not huggable. Lol. Wear so much how to hug. =.=" The shirt and Boxers is Zhu choose der. Simple is NICE! =) Jus like the way i wear at home. Hahaa..

See Teddy give kisses =) Smooochx

White T-shirt and i love the boxers alot!!! Red one wif hearts all over and a monkey at the side.

Even the feet is LOVE.

Love is the stuff inside. ❤ ❤ ❤

The Birth Certificate. Zhu and me name her Demonie. Don ask why cuz its our secret. Hahaa. Maybe we will make another one and name him Devilie. =)

Came home and at 3am, Zhu called me and ask me go down take somthing. Dono wad he wana pass me. Went down and take, he gave me Giant Sour-Cream Lays and 2 Strawberry Pocky. >.<` I told him im dying for it and wana buy before i go home but i forgot to buy. Den he remembered and he went to buy and bring to my house. So sweet of him. He even remember the favours i love to eat. Thanks PiggyLove.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy B`day to Gwen Dear

Went out wif Van on Tues (13/1) , we had our dinner and watch 'The Dutchess'. Nice movie, the story is nice..But kinda boring also lor.. Lol..

Friday is Gwen Dears Bday - 16Jan. Also my Daddy&Mummy 20th anniversary.
Bought Gwen a pair of earrings. Hope she like it. =) i folo wad she say and buy der. She say she want a round round hook den got lovelove. So i get somthing similar to wad she discribe. Hope i am right.

This is the earring i bought her lor =)

Ate Billy Bombers at Cine.

Her birthday cake from Vonny.

Gwen wif her BearBear from Vonny at 2Dawn.
Something Stupid. =P

LUCKY STRIKE! Found this old cig box at my house drawer. Cool horh? Dono how long ago one.. Is my great-ahgong left one.

Look at this cute stars wif smiley face. u noe what is that? FISH BALLS!!! Wanti (my maid) buy for me de, cuz she see very cute. Hehee.. Nice to eat also, very bouncy. Hahaa..

Hahaa... U guys sure dono what is this lor... is TANG YUAN! The other day me and my family was making TangYuan together. Den i make some for myself. All NehNeh (Boobs). Hehee...



After an emotional and "bomb me with those work" week, i guess i shld blog happy things instead of the assignments that are suffocating us hurhur. been thinking about alot too, guess ill just stick to my simple brain :\ thinking too much kinda seems to kill my brain cells and happy cells~
Loved the 3times in a row ice cream visits we had at cold rock (iloveyouguys and my ferrero LOL) :D hehe i finally know the way kays! anyways. the ice cream is just too awesome to be missed.
After all that skeleton drawings spam, managed to catch up with old clique, had fish n co with *baby, denny, calvin, lp, mingdong, weekeat* and we catched a movie at 11plus, not to mention that nice little "kinda boring" chat we had before the movie (suppose to play l4d lor ahem)
The movie was awesome! catch "College" people teeheex, and yeaps all that yapping talk really made my day, super miss all of them!

here comes the peektures spam.

love the morning sun. always. :))

havent met up with baby for so long. imissyousomuch and all that hugs:)

cant help camwhoring even in the toilet XD

another toilet hahas, waiting for the movie!

yay! baby ilu. thanks for telling them about the jelly-fish -.- (smacks butt)

LOL i just had to take this, super cute can. (looks like you, calvin :D)

caught this cute little bear when i got home, someone gave it to my sis for her birthday! *hughugs little bear*
dreading the mons :(
how can anyone live without music, right? :V
xoxo, amandasweet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday To Me...

12Jan its my Birthday, late post cuz no time.. Hehee.. Last year of my TEENS.. ='(
Guess who is the first to wish me Happy Birthday this year?
WeiSiang lor.. Surprised bar? Hahaa.. Oh yeah..
Okie, ummm... Woke up early that day cuz Gwen called me up to eat breakfast wif her.. So, we went to eat BURGER KING BREAKFAST. =)
When i leave house that time, i went down the lift and i saw a man hand carry a bouquet of flowers and went up to my house. Hahaa.
Guess what, the bouquet is for me!!!
Guess who gave me those flowers?
ZhuTou lor.. >.< ` 13 stalks of champagne rose and Purpurr Harmony carebear. Well, Zhu said the number of roses and color of rose got meaning one. I NOE THE MEANING! =P blehhh
Nice Flowers rite? Lovely, gorgeous and sweet looking. Smells good tooo!

Its 12Jan09 on my ODM. =)


PurPurr Harmony CareBear looks so cute can...

Love the champange roses. Beautiful!
❤ Thanks PiggyLove.

Okie okie, came home after breakfast and walking around. Waiting for the Late Queen - MIN. Forever lurh she.. Say come my house 230, 420 den reach. Bth her..
Wait till 7pm den we head down to Marina- Kenny Roger to meet her. And they oready book table liao. How nice. =)
As usual, every year Birthday they will celebrate wif me, and they never forget. ❤ KONGz
Finish eating den suddenly one guy bring out a cake and put in front of me.. SURPRISE!!! They bake me a cake! hehee.. So sweet rite? The cake looks good. Its Blueberry CheeseCake.. Super nice. i finish all liao. I love it alot.. Cheese thick enuff and Blueberry oso sweet enuff.
Obasan Min sure kep eating when they baking lorr.. She always like that. Say be supervisor, in the end she only eat den me and Ting make. =.=''
The DELICIOUS BlueBerry CheeseCake from them.
Me wif Cake. =)
❤ Kongs.

After dinner, we went to Kbox. Another surprise from them! They bought me Big Blue Mickey!!! And Mickey is wearing a BLUE BOXERS sitting on the sofa waiting for me to hug him. heehee.. So similar to my bloggie name orhh? >.< `
Ohouhh, and Mickey Boy is hugging a box tied gold ribbon. Hehe.. Guess wads inside? Its a Umbrella, Marshmellow from jap and a very stupid photoframe they made. Always laff at me one they. Roarr..
The photoframe inside got an old picture of us when we were in Sec Sch. They wrote somthing for me. Dono wad stupid physic thing ar? Or maths? They noe i don study one, den alot things i dono mar.

They write on the old schoold exercise book paper summor:
E= MC2 ( Mariah Carey's Album?)
F= MA ( i really dono wad the fuck is this.)
And they start drawing the dono wad wire thing wif the north-south pole. Den they use red pen and rite. Where's the Battery?
Crazy also not i draw one. How i noe where is the battery? Dono which ediot write. Confirm Min lor. See the handwriting i noe liao..
And they give me a qns :
The north pole will become south pole because ______________. (SIAO? How i noe?)
Den got more chim one:
Using KONGz therom
B= NX + C
12V = 8x + 3
Therefore, North become South (Proven) <-- And they circle this one very in red and said SEE ME?!
Mad... Haha! But so cute lar they...
WoOooo.. The 3 Monkeys ready to sing. Nonono, we don sing. WE SHOUT! Hahaa.. Esp. Min, She don even nid a mic. She sing louder den the mic lurh. Hahaa..
We had lotsa fun and Ting and Min start getting high. Dancing and jumping around. Hahaa.
I remember one very ediot song they sing. BARBIE GIRL. They act cute den don sound cute lar.. LIKE OLD WITCH.

Lookie Lookiee.. Its Mickey Boy.. And me opening the BOX. Presents!!!

The down- syndrom enjoying.

I ❤ them loads.

My presents from them. Oh, the 1st picture is the stupid photoframe, the 3rd picture is the XiaoLongBao marshmellow and the last picture is the Brella im saying. Cool rite? its a Wine bottle.

❤ Love Kongs. Thanks Gurls.

And this is from Jasmine Dear. She made this for me. HandMade horh.. Sweet rite? =)

❤ Thanks Jas.


AngPao - AhMa & AhGong
AngPao - Great GrandMama

AngPao - Daddy & Mummy
Customize Necklace - Jie & Didi
A Bag & a Coin Pouch - Van Dear

Bouquet - Piggy

BlueMickeyBoy, Brella, fotoFrame, Cake, Mellows - KONGz

HandMade Necklace - Jas

Didnt hit my target. Nvm. =)

Im still happy.. Thanks to those who give me presents and wish me happy birthday.

Thanks People.