Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year wasn't that awesome, but still thanks for all the presents and celebrations my lovess! Fell sick right before christmas, totally sucked and my holidays didnt went that well either. But today counts the beginning of the new year, so lets all have a fresh start hehe :)
All i wanna say is...
-thanks claresweetiepie and otryBFF for the cookies,sweets,and what-nots
-thanks hweeling, sherona and marian for the exchangies
-thanks sarah and sihkin for the hammie and necklace
-thanks baby for the necklace and celebration *ilu
-thanks mummie for the bracelet
-thanks kelly for being there and naggy, real naggy

Next year's gonna be better and i wish all of you the same :)
-better results
-better with baby
-more clothes
-more moolah
-more shopping, spa, facials wahahaha (this is neverending)
-less emo (okay i think this is important!) -.-
yep and thanks for a great start, my room's light decided to countdown too (it's spoilt, im so typing in the dark =\)
lovelove! im going off to my countdown2008 for 2009!!
xoxo, amanda ♥

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another day wif my Gwen dear. Geex. Went to cut hair at Banana place. And Gwen, nortii gurl. She ran away from school. LOL! She cheat the teacher say her ahma in hosp den she came to find me. Hahaa..
My hair cut short liao. No more longlong. Banana say he dono my hair grow so long liao. Hahaa.. Okie, i cut Isometric concave. A gentle one cuz my front not long enuff. Gwen one den nice, hers is concave (sibeh extreme one). I LIKE LOR! Okie, nvm.. wait my hair grow longer i will get my iso concave dam extreme. Heheee..
Ate thai today again wif her. Today i order Calamari for her. She don dare eat sotong so i order let her try and YAY, she did it.. she tried and she likes it. Haha! she did somthing proud again today! Another achievement! Grats dear =)

Sorry no pictures of my new hair cuz i nv take picture. Lol.. Wait got picture i post and show u all okie? LoveLove.. Smooochhx


Ur Fark Face =)

You, worthless piece of shyt. Jus a piece of RAG. Your face look like my poop. I SIMPLY HATE YOU AND UR FACE! =) yesyes, i love to scold you. Cuz u are so disgusting. Ur giant size and ur disgusting face totally turns me off. Puii.
And you are another person i should say thankyou to! Thanks to u. You ruin my life too! Like the one i scolded before on 21Dec. Opps? or i should say thats wad makes u 2 a pair?
You think u are so great, so good? Its a BIG NONO lar. YOU ARE NOTHING! i see no shyt in you.

Yes im childish, so wad are you?

-Angry 小`ⓑⓔⓔ-

Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Gwen dear jus now at Bugis.. Down to Shaw for her FAV Thai glass noodle and Thai Tea. Hahaa! She's dying for it man. Today she learn how to wear lenses.. She wanted to buy like last week when we are at Mos Burger eating and she saw me wearing the Aqua color. So i brought her down to the specs shop i use to go and get her to try it on and learn how to wear. Hehee.. She bought FreshLook Honey color. Look nice on her cuz of her hair color. Suits her. And she is taking order soon wif me! cuz i lef only 1 pair. Her eye-sight only 75degree lar! So good. *jealous*
We wanted to get Red but Singapore don carry that stock. I like Red and White ones. So nice lar. Gwen want pink ones. Hahaa.
Today she learning how to wear lenses... she learn so fast man. Like less den 30mins. around 15mins she can liao ler.. Pro rite? im so proud of her! Haha.. Take me a long time to put in when i learn. Around 1hour.. LOL! >.< ` So lousy.
Okie, she love her new lenses and was happy wif it.. Seeing her happy, i feel happy too. Geex.

Tml i going down to Banana (Hairstylist) there to get a new hair-cut. 6months i nv cut hair liao ler. Look like a mad dog, so shag, so hairy. HAHAHA! Hope my new hair-cut will look nice on me.. Mayb i cutting short. Short again!!! I LOVE SHORTHAIR. Lol.

Tml will be a busy day. 2 Appointments, Hair and facial. xD

*Love hurts, but somtimes its a good hurt - Incubus*


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don`t take me for Granted.

Went out wif my JieMie Gwen dear today. Again.. its Her! lolz. Okie lurh, my Hols many days meet her der. We hunt down IceCream shops, went down Bishan for gym, Slacking at bugis, eating Thai blahblahblahh... And today we are down to Clark Quay.
Okok, Was wif Ting during noon doing her homework and went down to meet Honey at his place. Kay, nvm. We shall not talk about that. sighh. (Speechless)
Den meet up wif Gwen dear. And she today say want to eat Subway lerh! SURPRISE!!! our Gwen dear finally eat Subway liao. Lol.. She hate Subway like fark lurhh.. Always complaining its smelly.. Haha! But she took the courage to try. ^^
After that we went to Far East to get my stud and head down to Clark Quay and chat and slack. Sit at one of the bridge and have my FAV Jim Beam!!! WoOooo!!! Rolling Rolling Rolling on the bridge like some ediot. Of cuz gwen don do that lurh. So unglam can?
Lol! Okie, i got to turn in early cuz tml meeting Gwen in the morning and going down to sch to take my timetable and settle some things.

Sigh. New year is coming. I hope next year will be a better year. I hate this year. Yes, I DO! Really. Shyttie year.

*Cry baby, Cry out loud if u really want to. Don hide and don run away. Let go of everything that is bothering u. Theres too much! Despair overwhelmed *


Friday, December 26, 2008

Ouh. Its ME! Look its a Bee..


This is a late post. Cos too busy so no time to post. Lol.. its our youngest Kongz, Min's B`day. 7Nov!!! okie, we bought her a bag and made her a strawberry cake. Took me and Ting 2Nights to complete the dam cake and we failed so many times. Arghh okie, nvm.. Pictures of me and ting baking cake. Lol... At her place....

Look like a Giant donut rite? Hahaha...

Strawberry, egg, foam? 0.0???

Took me a long time to untie my shoelace. Lol. cuz i wearing the high-cut sneakers.

TADAA! our cake is done. Okie, don look so nice i noe but we tried our best.

Lol! me and Ting look like Monster lurhh! =.=''

okie, on 7.11, the 3 of us met up and head down to Fullerton for chocolate buffet. ^^ Raymond(Min's BF) came along too! Raymond was coming and he lied to Min that he is not free, actually he is giving her a surprise. Hahaa..

Yummy rite the Food?

Its presents from Raymond! Lol.. See Min face so happy. Smile untill machiam tio 4D. LOL!

OMGOMG! u all saw how Min rape Ray?!?! she trying to force kiss him HAHA!!!

hmmmm.. Making a wish uhh. (i wonder wad is her wish...)

ITS US US US! The 4 of US! (Ray so extra) =D


Lol.. Look at them.. so Loving orhh..

Okie, after eating we acting like some retards. Look at last pic, Ting look like Chicken (her pose). Haha!!!

The unglam us. We always do this in Buffet. Stealing FOOD! We love doing this.. hehee.. Look nice rite?