Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AHHH!!! Wanti go back indo liao...1month den come back..this is HELL man... i nidda wash own cloths and den do housework lor.. i so good girl lerh, i help mama mop the floor.. Den, also help her take in the cloths cuz going to rain. Wah! i think after 1month Wanti come back i will grow muscles liao. HAHA! My life now is like NS, no diff from JF.. And nid wash own cloths sia... PIANG EH, lucky got washing machine lor. HAHA..Washing machine is a good invention man. LOL... Today mama cook Chrysanthemum den i drink 2 cups. Ytd at JF house i drink 2 bottles of HomeMade Barley and 1 cup of LingYang. Den today another 2 Cup crysanthemum. Mama say i canot drink to much. But i like!!! Grrrr....

♥ Mama's Chrysanthemum... ♥

Cigarette Smog...
Met up wif XT at bugis den also help Jie buy thing. After Makan and buy thing, Ting come my house to see Biscuit. Den we went down to my house playground for somthing that Ting want me to do... PLSPLS is she force me to do one... All my frens, forgive me..The reason why she meet me cuz she want me to do this lorr.. NOT MY FAULT OKIE!? i SOMPA is Ting ask me do one..She is the REAL BADDIE.

Look wad she bought?!!?! And this is wad she want me to do wif her lor.... SMOKERS, look at the picture, the Feet. If u don want ur skin bcome so ugly den don smoke! QUIT SMOKING!

Wahlao ehh.. wad happen to my good gurl TingTing???

♥ Love her lots... Okie! AND WHERE IS MY DARLING SHUMIN!? We Miss u Dear!!!

Messy!!! ughhh.....

I Myself.

WAH WAH WAH! AHLIAN TING.. Good Girl Gone Bad..

Siao Zha Bor, the HP inside is US lor.. CHOY, i haven Matii lar..

ChildHood memories... Im still YOUNG..

Okie... Time to go home liao..Bye kitty kittiee.. Meow ^^

♥ Tml JF booking out for Hari Raya... Hehee.. but he booking out after dinner.. =( And im seeing him on WED.. =D Yeah, i miss him.. ♥


Sunday, September 28, 2008


YAY! JF finally Book Out. Kenny (jie's Bf) also. hehex! hmmm.. so much things happen in this 28hours. LOL. yesterday went to BoonLay Mrt to fetch him..waited for him for 40mins. cuz of his stupid dono who delay lar.. den he took a cab down to BoonLay and meet me. =) I acc him from Sat 4am to Sun 8pm, total 28hours lor.. Time pass so fast. 28hours feel like only 2.8hours. LOL!
We took a cab home from BoonLay to his house.. on the way home, JF fking hot.. sweating like WTF! den, we saw the flyers and he start to get EXCITED cuz he is reaching home. HAHAHA! so cute. Reach his house and we settle down a while den he get himself changed and we went for a movie. The movies starts at 9.30 and so we went down to Balcony and drinkdrink. ^^ JF ordered WaterMelon Martini and Lychee Martini (for me). Haha. After drinking, we went for a walk. Den, watch movie (BABYLON).
Watch Movie half way i FOUND OUT THAT MY FONE LOST! OMGOMGOMG! i panick and shocked dono wad to do.. so confused! And so SCARED! i use JF fone to call my HP but no1 ans.. den i think my fone no more liao, people sure take away... but LUCKY ME, one of the security found and give it to the EMAX counter. Den, they return me.. Sibehh heng lor.. HAHA! i tot i can nv have my fone back. *phew*
Okie, the Movie not bad lurh... After movie we went home and bath den xlp liao.
We also saw 3 celebrities today. HAHA! 1 of them at JF house another 2 at Cine.

Woke up at around 9+am in the morning. Last night DAM COLD LURH! the air con is like 16degree celcuis lor. And, JF is xlping half naked lerh. I wonder if he feels cold.. He said NOT AT ALL!!! i wear more den him summor snatch his blanket still feel dam cold lar..
Ate breakfast wif his mama and papa after we finish bathing. Prawn Noodle wifout prawns =) And monster JF eat alot jus like a MONSTER! Rest at his house till 1+pm den go down to the nearby market? to get his army stuffs. He help his frens buy those things oso. HAHA.. Alot lor.. Heavy man! But lucky he strong so nvm, NO KICK! I let him do all the carrying. BAHAHA!!!
Went back to his house to put all the NS stuffs and we head down to CITYHALL cuz he say he want to buy MaoMao(CAP). He say he BOTAK want to get New cap to wear. LOL! Wanted to buy from River Island? but in the end nv see nice one so we left. Went to TopShop den JF saw this Green Mickey Tshirt. Den he wana buy. I DON LIKE IT AT ALL! i prefer the Popeye one. i think Popeye suits him more cuz MACHO and BIG like him. HAHA! but he BAKA he go and take the stupid SKINNY mickey. eeeyeerrr!!! okie Nvm, Popeye oso don have his size, left only XS. After we buy the UGLY MICKEY shirt, we went back to his house. Say go out want to buy Cap, in the end buy shirt... KNS.
He lar, Hand, Leg and neck dono wad happen den don want see doctor. Ask him see he kep delay den say no time. Den now we have to wait till TUES when he out for Hari Raya holiday den can go see doctor. i worry him sia.. i don want later he half way Neck, Hand and leg all PECHAK. sigh.. but he don want to listen wad can i do?
Rest at his house till 7pm den JF nida prepare and go liao. cuz he nida book in at 8pm. His papa, mama and me acc him go and send him off. Sigh, i nidda wait till tuesday night den can see him lerh. Okie nvm, only 2 days. Time pass so fast when im wif him.. Bcuz we are happy..
And, blurr him took the wrong HP charger home.. he take som1 else charger home den realised canot pluck inside his HP den canot charge.. LOL... he told me dono is which blur sotong took the wrong one and left the last one so he take lor...

Pic1: JF changing and ready to go out.. HAHA.
Pic2: He buying the NS stuffs. That shop everything oso NS one lor.. COOL WORH.

The Beautiful scenery at BALCONY!!!

Pic1: The very COOL necklace that every1 have to wear inside the camp. Is for erm like if u MATI den the TAG got ur IC den people noe u die liao..

Pic2: The Stuffs that is needed to buy when he book in.

Pic3: JF Green Uni, Neatly folded lor..JF fold himself der.. SO GOOD BOY.


And his MAD MILO! i fucking scared of him lor.. when Milo see me, He will bark like SIAO. 3years ago like that... NOW OSO LIKE THAT! I got very stressed up when i see Milo barking.. and he bark at me dao the window oso got his SALIVA lar.

*cant wait to see him on tuesday night. ^^ JF ask me to xlp more so that time will past faster. LOL. And he oso got new names.. the people there call him commando or Jeff. LOL. His name is JF not JEFF! =.=" Okie dear, when ur dono wad test come must get GOLD okie? ^^ *


Thursday, September 25, 2008

HELLO EVERY1!!! so long i nv blog liao lor.. cuz im busy wif my projects! last min work den no time to do.. so i chiong all day. LOL.. not enuff xlp.. 1 day only xlp like 2 to 4hours. DAMN TIRED but no choice, cuz i don wana fail my modules. Retake nidda pay another 2k each and summor, the lesson dam sian! i don think i wana learn again. HAHA!!! Went to SanSan house so like 3 days in a roll jus to complete my Fking SolidWorks. Dam boring.. and went home at around 12am for 2 days and last day went home at 430am. WTF!? all thanks to eric.. His SolidWorks dam hard and its a waste of my time! No choice.. i nidda do..

San house.. her maid cook me IndoMee and Kepab? dono howta say lar.. indonesia Beef.. Taste like SATAY! dam nice! first time eating.. i love it!

During presentation day. igo's and kevin's new improved design CROCS shoes.. haha!!! So cute rite?

This is my UGLY last min work... sighh... stupid dumb ugly pendant.. didnt do well cuz workshop left 1week i no time do nicely.. so i CHIONG.. 6weeks for me to do i slacking untill the last week den i start making.. i hope i pass!!! PLS SANDRA! PASS ME!

OKIE! this is my SolidWorks Renders. i noe its also ugly.. i oso do this like the last week den nidda hand in cuz dateline coming so i chiong! Anyhow do..cuz if don hand in is NO MARKS lor.. so i did somthing den at least hand in i can get MARKS.. i don wana fail.. ERIC PASS ME!!! Pls!

YAY YAY YAY!!! HOLIDAY! No nid to go sch for 1week! Hehee. =D Today early morning i went to hand in Eric's project cuz ytd i late hand in den he went off liao.Minus 10% lerh! wahlaoz.. i scared i fail sia. After hand in.. went to CityHall wif mama, den meet up wif JF. He this nortii boy.. He say chest pain den want to come out and check. In the end when i met up wif him at CityHall and ask wads wrong wif his chest why nidda go xRay, he told me nothing happen! haha!!! Den later he said in NS he cant eat FastFood so we went down to BurgerKing and he ate a meal. Looking at the way he eat.. LOL! so fast and he told me if he bring this burger back every1 will run to him and SNATCH! haha!!! Poor guys! Really suffer alot in NS. After that he decided to go home and take his things.. so we took a bus.. i carried his Empty bag and wore his Jockey cap! look so cute u noe? i told JF if he finish NS can give them to me or not. HAHA! Wanted to take bus100 but in the end saw bus14 and JF went to ask if 14 can go back his house and YES, CAN! but fking suey! We board the bus and den sit down, finally we can rest cuz the weather today SUCKS! DAM HOT LOR! den got this INDIAN man came to appraoch JF and ask if his actions is proper or wadeva.. when i heard, i jitao noe we tio taiji liao. Den stupid JF still blurrblurr! He dono wad happen.. He so BENDAN! he go tell the indian eveything and blahblah!!! Say his name and which platon he is from. Who noes that indian man is a sergent! WTF!!?! FUCKING SUEY! Tio BehPeo oso nv so lucky lar. That indian called back to JF sergent and den complain him.. LOL! wahlaoz.. me and JF dam scared lar.. down there PANICK dono wad to do.. den i feel dam guilty.. cuz i carry his bag and wear his jockey cap den canot mar.. we didnt noe... his sergent only tell him wear uniform canot smoke and canot touch girls. but didnt noe he canot let people carry his things.SIGH! i hope nothing happen to him sia.. His HP tio confiscated.. i very worried for the whole day..i don want he tio confinement.. All my fault! i shdnt carry his things.. SORRY dear.. i hope nothing happen to you! ='( Sorry!

His xRay, Cute little Jockey cap and the piece of note he ask me to kep jus in case the sergent call me den i can tell lies to cover! hehex... =P Okie, i love the way he wear his army uniform. SO CUTE! SO GREEN! Esp. the Jockey cap, make him look like a lil` Boy! haha!

Hmmm, after that JF rush back to his camp cuz he tio scolding and his sergent kep calling and calling! Den, i meet up wif my darling Jasmine! She got modeling den she ask me acc her go.. WAH! so hot u noe.. while waiting for her, i tired dao dozed off lor. haha!

My pretty Jasmine =) i am there to protect her from TIKOPEHS. Is my duty to protect her.. cuz her BF in NS. And he is worried bout her..

Look at playful her HAHA! ♥ ♥ ♥

While waiting for the Photographer...Eating subway Cookies and cleaning away my SWEAT!

BIG cherry? is that a cherry!? or a NUT? no idea.. Top 2pics is Me and Bottom 2pic is Jas.

This is the 1st time i see an escalator in the open space.. Usually see in the buildings but this one, in fort canning.. LOL!? Ouh.. and thats me on the escalator! =)

Okie, after 2 modeling sessions, Me and Jas went to Far East for dinner. Ate chicken rice. 2 of us FINISH EVERYTHING lor. LOL! After eating i stil buy extra cup of barley cuz i too thirsty liao. Nice chicken.. Soft and tender. HAHA! very Yummy.

From Full plate to EMPTY!

After makan, went to xCraft again cuz my fucking dumb ear swollen and infection! WTF!? dam pain! cuz i go and force the ear piece in my ear den tear my wound. LOL! actually i don care, on my way home i stil put the ear piece in.. HAHA! Walk around in Far East wif Jas. Bought nothing.. =X around 8, we tired den went home liao. Came home i dozed off on my living room floor lor.. u can see how tired i am.. HAHA! Today i spend my day well! hehex. Feel very satisfied and happy!

*Bahh! i very worried and scared! i scared JF tio confinement or any other punishment cuz of me lar. sighh.*


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Very tired ar... everday sleep less den 6hours.. last night i xlp only 3.30hours lor. So much work to do. Workshop, Powerpoint, Competition, SolidWorks and AutoCAD. 1more week to go and this term will be over.. Hols only 1week. WTF!? so short.. But, its okie.. i oso nothing to do during Hols. BORED!

Wah, i whole week oso in workshop lor.. doing stupid pandent. OMGOMGOMG! so sian of it.. Cut silver, my hart so pain when cutting.. all the silver powder fly fly fly out. All is money lor.. Used my piece of $70+ silver. Den realise not enuff, went to another piece for $90+. Broke liao lar. Cutting, Filing, Sanding, soldering, hammering, piercing, drilling..blahblahhblahhh... SO TIRING! i even hammer and cut my own hand. =.= im oways blurr and clumsy..Now the part i hammer tio BLUEBLACK lor.. Lol. Tml will be the last day of workshop. i hope i can finish. if canot finish good game liao. Cuz, monday is the presentation. Argh.. i got alot thing to do.. i dam stress dam tired. Not enuff xlp, not enuff rest.Everyday i 4 to 5am den xlp. Morning early wakup liao. Tml nidda reach sch at 9am lor.. Sandra say if i want her to help me solder must go early..Bully and torture me sial. ARGH. No choice. i need her help so i will be going down early! mayb this few days i will drink more RED BULL to kep myself awake so that i can finish my project.

Working wif SILVER! OMG..this few little pieces of silver if change to money i can go shopping and Makan lor..Use on my work really.. WASTED.

See the silver Powder.. its EVERYWHERE and i cant get it back.. its all MONEY! later all will go DUSTBIN..

Yesterday went out wif Weisiang for dinner. Ate NYDC. Today oso go out dinner and we ate PepperLunch. hmmm..Went to Beavers after dinner to drink. Yesterday i Drunk, drank too much. Lucky Weisiang is there and he fetch me home. Dam sueyy oso. i Maboh den i walk no properly, Bang onto somthing den my elbow got one BIG BLUEBLACK. Dam pain lor. When i bathing, i realise that i lost my Bangle (me&jie's). i Went down to find but cant find. LUCKY INSIDE WEISIANG CAR! Den today he came down and return it to me... Again we went to Beavers. This time i got control. He don let me drink that much. SO IM NOT DRUNK! arghh. Last night dam paiseh. Was talking rubbish, acting like some GILAGONG. Feelings very Luan.. And i cried, i cant control my emotions and feelings. Was okie when im not drunk. i can oways control myself when im feeling sad but last night i cant.. i dono how come suddenly i will start to remember and think of Tian again. Cried for awhile but later i didnt want to disgrace myself in front of WeiSiang and my phone rang, so i clean away my tears. Wads wrong wif me? i told myself to let go. Everything is Over. why am i stil missing him and crying? Don sad Don sad. Everything will be okie =)

WoOo... Its Friday night and of cuz...Beavers will have Bar top Dancing!

Wah. Really nidda thank WeiSiang for keeping me company and entertaining me these few days. And thanks for driving me home =) Sorry bout that night. i noe im kinda scary when im drunk.. Sorry to trouble u. i SOMPA next time wun drunk liao =X



Friday, September 19, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder... how true. It's been the 3rd week of school and im already missing everyone..

This is just another boring post, i have no pictures cuz i haf absolutely no time to hangout with all my friends sobs :(


JOLENE seow ;D (you have no idea how much much much i MISS you my dear!)
renee, otry, clare, chianleng (i mean my wife), zhihui
marian, hweeling, sherona (promise ill make it up!)
bing, jiayu, kit yeng hmm.. (yea babe the tanning :x)
and 4/2 clique lazy to name all ;p (i dont owe calvin any present :))

i am soooo gonna meet you guys soon when i have my "short break" ughh misses all the loves, the shopping, tanning, birthdays, movies and blahblahblah prawning :D hehehex
school's really getting all my time like 24/7 even my sleeping time =.= i apologise to all my dears sobs.. how i wish i can join you all.

and.. of cuz baby, ure just away for a week and im missing you THIS MUCH already.. seriously i duno how u gonna survive in there :x hahahaha i hope u don't read this post >.<>
love love love!

okay a little update, i got lucky and manage to get my com to detect my new phone woots! and sorry la only got camwhore pics :\ was testing out my new phone's camera rawks u know ;p teehee.

-P.S. thanks to the pics, i typed more than that but now its GONE and i cant rem wad i wrote :( my bad-
xoxo, amanda.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


yo peeps, snippets snippets for all of you. I'm really sorry to those who booked me already but i ended up not being able to make it LOVEE! anyway ill make it up to YOU GUYS alwrites im not stressedup but just lotsa work to handle ATM. so pls be patient :( somehow im getting to love this school more ♥ :))

Sweetpie's 20th birthday! teehee, sorry for not clubbing that night I will make it uppp :((

The macaroons rawk, i love my coffee one hurr.. sudden craving when i look at the pic now shitx.

I still can't get over this Renee LOL!
and of course camwhore ;p

sweetpie is SUPERcute LA she took my iphone and took a pic of herself haha LOVEE omg ure damn cute *huggs*

SWEETS and renee LOVE while waiting for otry DEAR :)
I just find this shot funny.
baby iMissU
and i wana see you botak ;)
*(i look fugging kiddy here la, this shot was taken long ago okay) baby just came back from Japan and *poof* to NS :(
and oh! finally got rid of the two iPhones ugh. really hated the sms part despite all the fun addictive games. Im so glad i sold it for 2k+ woots, and i really cant describe how much i LOVE this C902, it just totally rawks rite sweetpie? :)) hee SLIM and SLEEK just what i love! i was totally camwhoring with the camera this morning TESTING OUT HAHA!

-back to work-
♥ xoxo, amanda.

ByeBye iPhone T.T

Sobs.. got people buying my iphone liao.. No more iPhone.. Change to C902 red one.. Jie oso same as me.. sell away iPhone and change to C902 red. I miss my iPhone sia.. The games i DL all so fun... And the screen so big, i like.. sigh... C902 keypad not nice press one.. Yucky phone. i DON LIKE IT AT ALL! i drop my iPhone so many times.. and den the sides Dented in summor.. LOL.. okie nvm.. All phone are the same.. can use and contact people can liao.. don nid so Picky der =)


Monday, September 15, 2008

ARGHH!!! I am very angry and disappointed with my inappropriate behavior and actions. Last 2 nights i help my Jie to pose for her school work den my body aching now. Slept late for both nights den today supposed to wakup early and reach school at 10am for Eric's SolidWork. I WENT TO OFF MY ALARM and sleep again. 11am den wakup, late for 1hour. Why i so BoChap in everything? So not organize and so Happy Go Lucky? i think i really nidda change my character and attitude. Okie, nvm.. skip today's lesson. Later 2pm i go down to WorkShop. Siann..


Sunday, September 14, 2008

I ♥ Tay Ping Hui

Suddenly i have the thots wad kinda guy i will b looking for as my new boyfren? Wad kinda guy attracts me and wad kinda guy is my type. And i rmb my FAV guy actor, i Tay Ping Hui. He is Cool, silent, nonchalant. My next boyfren so gonna be like him lor.
So Man and so fatherly look der. Got ahpek style. HAHA. i love TayPingHui's everything!!! The kinda boy im looking for... (dreaming) i wish i wish i wish.. HAHA!


14th Sept marks the day.

happy birthday to C-L-A-R-E :) broccz love youuu!
and to Sherona.. for not being able to attend your bday celebration :( happy birthday!

more pictures to come as we haven sorted out the pics yet! and sweets is totally clubbing right now hurhur!

i don't want this day to come... september the 15th
xoxo, amanda.