Monday, August 24, 2009

Yet Another Gesture Study

This week was tremendous with all that report writing and finishings for my game just right before my work ends. Although I am really looking forward to the coming week and school's starting in two weeks, I feel like I haven't done all that I wanted. Nevertheless, I am thankful for this holiday.. picking up a few skills here and there. I didn't manage to draw much this days so all I have are these outdated gesture studies I was exploring the past weeks (Thanks to Danni Shinya's and some other artists' paintings). I'm planning to input fire/water element into these characters with the stylized animation from my past year animations (Thanks to Dilip's constructive comments).

These are straight scans from my sketchbook, I am really tied up for time to edit them nicely and post them individually so here it goes..

After all that gesture drawing, I was kinda getting bored so I touched on a little bit of painting since my sis passed me some leftover watercolor papers :b

In a Reverie

Dancing Feet

And of course, I welcome any comments. Thanks for viewing! (:
This week will be a busy week (crosses my finger)
xoxo, mandy


Comic Con 2009 @ Suntec Convention has been a success this year too. Although it's my first time to this event, I found it interestingly fun (: My favourite collection of pictures there were the Blythe dolls, despite their creepy looks behind the shiny windows. The collection was extensively designed with beautiful fashion apparels and their hair matches the entire outlook. What's more than to look at these beautiful girls? I took more pictures also for the sake of my research for character design. I thought it might help (:


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Please let me know if you're really interested, i'll find a way to post more here. (:

xoxo, mandy

Party like a rockstar!

Guess what, my weight's totally pissing me off. I weigh effing 49kg now, i know.. RIGHT? like omfg zzz dammit. This is what happens when I start binging too much, my weight's really putting me off my mood everyday and i am so fucking pissed with myself i wanna kiss my own ass (I meant it in a bad way, so emoing right now when i saw my f-ed up number on the scale this afternoon)

so.. to make my :((( days to :))) , imma come up with a plan to avoid the stuffs ive been eating since my weight went up. I think it was these stuffs:

--> heavy breakfast (so much for proper meals ugh)
--> caffeine (esp teh tarik and coffee to keep me awake when sch starts)
--> late dinner (my dinner's at 10+ so its become like a supper thingy)
--> snacks (tho i thought it actually doesnt affect my weight HAHA)

im just shooting my pisses off so i can get it started, anyone with me? diet in the house eh-nee-one?

xoxo, mandy

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skies are blue.

Shopping with baby kills my stress (: psst, i need to shop more before sch starts!!
ilu honeyboyshugarplums
xoxo, mandy

old snippets; random takes here and there

I know I haven't been bloggin' for long, and work's taking a toll on me i am seriously worn out and busy. So, here are some old snippets here and there. Sorry for the randomness and messiness, i'm really lazy to organise them well here gyah! x.x

Made these small cards for my Astar colleagues which we were supposed to write little notes before we left but didn't get the chance yet, wonder how long im gonna hold on to these. But I guess its the effort that counts, lets meet soon guys!

What's better than to celebrate and shop at Ion Orchard for Renee love's birthday. We decided to do it at Ion Central since its newly opened, why not check the mall out :b

Rei, otry and me totally had to shop around for hours before everyone arrived. Wells, at least they made it but I learnt my lesson to never be early or on time for meetups. That was totally my first time being on time but yeah, bad experience. Please don't kill me if you're reading this, just let me know the meeting time's 30mins before, im so used to being late damn.

And there, the cake was awesome, the lunch was good-ish and we missed each other. Happy Birthday Renee love!

Yay, another group picture for safekeeping. We all miss our poly days...

Another birthday outing at Suntec's Kuishin-bo. Happy 21st birthday Chua, and thanks for the dinner! The dinner owned my ass i swear, Jap cuisine's reallyyyyy good. And god knows how long we've known each other, i love this group :D (some ppl are missing in this pic hurhur)

And I did my nails while otry went to have her haircut. I love the colors! But i took it off less than a week haha

And I love my new heels, altho it hurts after a long day... as usual

I think work's killing me, the office like a haunted room or something. It's so quiet, even with a random guy talking to his robot.

and on with the next outdated post...
xoxo, mandy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Splurge Urge

updates up!

Can't remember which day but we went for a haircut! It feels like my heavy head just lighten up a big load and sis finally cut her "short-long" bob hair (:

somehow, office days seem more boring than usual as my colleagues are leaving...

Celebrating their last day and Stone's bday as well. P.S. the mango rawks like hellllluuuvaaa.. im totally craving for it right now xD

Went to biopolis for lunch and took some shots with my holga, wanted to try out the new film i got and the fisheye lens weee~

love this effect, kinda regretted not taking one myself. Totally too engrossed in the fisheye lens than double exposure.

My fav shot (: ppl's been commenting stone's soul just flew out of him...

... and my fav portrait peekture with bestfriend hudada.

Work's been pretty hectic but fun this week. Check out the "cleaner-like" shirt puhlease, i totally refuse to wear it after the second day, fuck.
Thursday, went for "out of the pan" with kin dear at Raffles city. Totally awesome place, i love the crepeeee, its totally worth the money (not to mention we couldve saved $15 if we had the citibank card, im so gonna get one!)

Did I mention my workplace's at Suntec convention this week.. they're having an awesome conference from ppl all over the world (met the guy who created facebook too ;)) and I just gotta praise the food's pretty awesome! Everyday, the tea break's snacks almost killed my diet plan *faints*

My hair's being a bitch these days, starting getting wavvy at the ends after i trim it thinner. Had to tie up my hair a few days when working, im so gonna go rebond next week ):

Some artworks done by an awesome artist, totally had no idea why there was something art related, the conference was all about boring slides and confusing talks.

My outfit for the last day at Suntec, decided i'd wear something slack hehes

Tried on a darker tone of eyeshadow too, kinda tired of using light glitter eyeshadow. Looks kinda good, think i might stick to this for awhile. Purchased a new eyeliner too, Gosh liquid eyeliner, $16.80

New bands *only kin, me and jappy has it (:
ohya, totally forgot to mention about the ZOO trip, it was kinda fun but tired, guess i was too shagged but the trip's pretty good. I reckon we should go again on a weekday if there is a chance. Wasn't really in the mood to draw that day with all the crowd there, plus the pictures i took wasn't seemingly nice, so i shan't post any. (anyways I bet u guys seen the animals before hurhur, like totally ... -.-)

Outfit for the day, tried to take a full view in the toilet. Oh btws, this event was a helluva fun, I met new friends and some staff I'd never thought I'd get to mingle with (: really enjoyed the days and time spent with them! (met some new ppl from other Uni too ;p)

I am SOOOOOO into these Balenciaga heels, freakkkking awesome I wanna like grab them at the tip of my fingers. But as realistic as it is, I couldnt afford it neither could I find them selling online or shipping over. So....

I went on a shoe shopping spree, and guess what I found xD
Two pairs of beautiful flats and heels that doesn't hurt! hehe I am totally into splurging now, gotta get my hair, nails, eyebrows etc etc done.. altho I can't wait for the movie "UP" next week with clairebearx and tml's shopping day with ClareOtryloves (:

P.S. am working on some gesture drawings while I was at the booth in Suntec. Will post them up soon once I get everything done. So many things to do, so little time :b
xoxo, amandasweet