Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sniffs. Today early morning wakup den i stretch my body that time, dono how come pull dao my veins or nerves or wad. Den pain whole day.. T.T dam pain lar.. I cant even walk properly. Like muscle pain lerh, Oso like not. i dono lar.. Went down to 2nd uncle house for some massage and he told me i overwork my legs. nidda rest for 3 to 4 days. Sighh. Actually date Gwen Dear on saturday for running but now leg like that how to run? argh.. i hope will faster okie cuz really very pain. i canot walk properly.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy B'day to my 小苹果!

WuUuu... Its MeiPing my 小苹果's B'day!!! i called her last night at 12.15am and sang her Happy B'day song. Hehee. >.< ` i haven see her for 1year+ liao.. I MISS HER SO MUCH! And miss those days when the 2 of us were sitting behind the classroom playing and munching titbits. i Miss my classmates alot! And of cuz i oso miss my Express Classmates.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sibehh Suey!!!

Very unhappy. Sigh.. My bad luck not gone yet. Its still wif me. Friday i LaiAng in school lucky Sandra got SP den i take from her. Den today lerh? I LOST MY WHITE GOLD ANKLET FROM DADDY & MUMMY!!! I dono wad is wrong lar. Why so sueyy i oso dono. I reach home downstairs den realise my anklet gone. Sarks man. I today go school, library and bugis. Like that how to find sia? And summor i not feeling well. Feel very sick and my nose is killing me.. so i didnt go and find. So small how to find? Use magnet?
Like that few hundred bucks jus gone liao. I really dono wad is next and i really don wish to lose or spoil anymore things. That time the panty gone, next wallet spoil, i sad enuff liao. This time anklet gone, really enuff ler.. God don play wif me anymore pls!!! *Beg*
i really don dare step out of house liao. Kep got things happen, like that i suey den all my precious things all spoil and gone meh?
Sigh.. *HeartBreak* i really dono wad to say.

Come back 'Goodluck' please!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Doctor Doctorr...

OhOhOohh.. Im back and i got many many medicine to eat worh. So many see liao oso scared. Sigh.. KeLian me. Who wana sayang me neh? ='( nidda use the inhale thing. Looks cool u noe? can inhale 60 times and the thing will count for u like how many times u left. And its nice to inhale, suck like very SHUANG feeling. Hahaa.. Inside contains powder for inhalation der. Hopefully after using finish this i will recover. Mayb nidda use for 2 to 3months.. See how lor. Very sick and tired of seeing doctor liao. This is the 4th time i visit the doctor for the same case and she say she don wana see me the next time cuz this is a joke. Cuz i nv take care of myself den kep eating and drinking things that i am not suppose to and so i cant recover. This time i drink plenty of water liao. Hope i can recover and my voice can come back. Sound like MAN lar... ARGHH!!! And, migraine is visiting me again. T.T wad is wrong wif my body???


6Hours of Waiting..

Ughh.. so long nv blog liao ler..
Yesterday Honey wakup dam late lar.. i tot wad happen to him. =.=" Met him at army market and den head down to TanTok Seng hosp. Rain heavily and we miss our stop. Ran in the rain and i catch a cold. Today got running nose. KNS!
Honey wants to get MC. LOL.. And i teach him a lie den he really go and use worh. And den the doctor ask him go and hang the stupid water. SO SERIOUS AR? We reach TTS at 6pm den dono the stupid doctor ask him hang water. From 7pm hang dao 10pm. KNS so long lurh. Doctor say hang 2hours den dono how come bcome hang 3hours+. Doctors tell lies and their services sucks. Do thing like TURTLE so SLOW! I waited for him from 6 till 12 lurh.. 6hours of waiting!!! FUCKIN LONG lar.. Jus for 2days MC we wasted total 12hours and he tio 2 Jabs. =.=" Big sacrifice. haha..
Okie, Today is my turn to see doctor liao. But, mine is real one okie? Not fake der.. i don tell lies i really don feel well. =X Haven recover from my stupid dono wad asthma thing and its from bad to worst. i want my voice back. 2months of couffing and den no voice.. Want to die liao lurh. T.T


Saturday, November 22, 2008

office affairs.

to: a group of immature adults (OR MAYBE ITS JUST YOU) who create unneccesary problems for their workers (well, maybe u just treat them as dogs? but then agn, i think ure worse than a dog) and NO THANKS for all ur help because we're sick of it and we see no need for it. its just PLAIN stupid so puhlease leave ur nonsense for your own dog friends. (NOTE: YOU ARE NOT RELATED TO US AT ALL, WE SO DONT APPRECIATE UR HELP ASSHOLE)

adults nowadays are just plain stupid, and i mean it seriously not all but a particular group. they talk with no sense of maturity, give opinions that even a 10-year-old can give and seriously get a life bastards. dont screw up somebody's family and life just because you feel useless. creating problems out of nothing is just pathetic, have you got nothing better to do? i hate having to even know that you exist in this world, if i ever see you really, all i would say in your face... is FUCK YOU!

either you have no brains,
have a brain but its empty,
maybe a brain but you dont know how to use it,
or you're just worse than your kids. (somehow i pity them)

we've all been supportive and seriously all you nonsense are getting worse so get out of our lives and make sure u dont appear in our faces. because if you screw up our lives, im gonna make sure i screw yours too.

P.S.and i really hope u read this, but i know you wont cuz you dont even know it exist. someday. somehow.

-i feel so cursed using all these ugly words but really, you deserve it-
yours sincerely,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Suey Suey Suey

Suey man... sighh! How suey can i be? Broke my work and nidda redo, and worst, the alcohol solution spill in my bag and kena my Pierre Cardin wallet and spoil the leather. Sobs! My heart so pain! Its my 15th B'day present from Daddy! And now got one big patch melted.. SO UGLY. sighh.. HONEY, YOU SPREAD YOUR SUEYNESS TO ME!!!
Ahhh.. tml i got presentation. i hope everything will go well. *Pray to GOD*
And Thanks to my Darling Bro, bought me Milk Tea, Strawberry Pocky and Mini candy canes!!! Yippee! Tonight im not xlping again. Cuz i got powerpoint to do and i haven start doing it.. Not even a slide. HAHAHA! but its okie.. Use to it liao.

Honey wants me to go Finland wif him to celebrate Christmas and i really dono if i should go. The ticket to there is dam ex lurh.. His mama is paying for me but i dam paiseh i dono if i should go or not.. i really wana go cuz i wana see the SNOW and i nv fly so far before.. But, the ticket so ex and i don wana ask Daddy to pay for me cuz my studies is expensive enuff and i think i shouldnt ask for more from Daddy. Sigh.. And, spamming, bugging and telling lies to my director, asking if i can go. She finally APPROVED and say i can hand in my projects early and leave school early.
Guys, tell me if i should go or not. i really dono if i should go. ='(


Sunday, November 16, 2008


i jus reach home.. 2.30pm jus wakup only.. So long nv blog liao.. i got so much to blog and say about but no time to blog cuz i got many projects. T.T sorry dears. But ZhuMin darling, don worry. i will post up ur B`day picture soon de okie? after i finish my tuesday presentation. * PinkyPromise*

Okie.. Many cuts on my hand cuz of workshop. This project nidda cut glass so... my hand bleed alot. *Sayang Hand*

This week me and Honey gan suey. Inside camp he dam blurr lar. Dono y he kep forget things den sergant kep give him the stupid +2 -2 shyt thing. Argh.. mayb he spread his Sueyness to me lor. Cuz i not as suey as him der. Meet him after he book out at my school around 3+pm den we went out gaiigaii.. Bought many many things. Went to one of the shop and he saw a very nice top den i oso think nice lerh. So, he bought liao.Next. to topshop and den honey bought a blue and black Burburry pattern scarf and a belt den oso bought me 3 sibey kawaii panties. One of them is a Red Popeye and its my FAV lar.. After that walk around again and honey saw a super cool necklace wif no fix pattern, u can anyhow twist der den he say he buy for his AhMei. WalkWalkWalk, got manymanymany things honey wana buy. Shoes, Cap, Blazer... Everytime he book out he will go shopping. =.=" Somtimes i think uhh. Dono if he is the girl or i am the girl leh? Lol.. Saw a cute bag wif a doggie print his mama like den he wana buy but its the last and the display is spoill. So, we rush down to Harbourfront jus to get that bag. That shop like so hard to find lar. At one corner de lor.. Bcuz of that lil small bag, we from bugis go harbourFront. Okie nvm. But honey reserve liao so Hehee. Quite fast lar.. We oso went down to Candy Empire den i want buy sweets and he don let me eat sweets. So, again we played sissors paper stone AND I FARKIN LOSE to him lar.. Whole day i lose to him so many times only win 1 or 2 times lerh! Gan suey. But nvm, I lose dosnt mean i canot eat mar.. So, i think of way to buy lor.. i tui and tui and he stil don care and say canot. i make alot noise at the shop by stomping my feet oso canot den i run around oso canot saying i want sweet i want sweet.. Many ways lerh and canot work. Last i use my SUPER POWERFUL METHOD! i sit on the floor and make noise lor.. Den alot people see, Honey Paiseh den say Okie lar okie lar go and buy ur sweet. HAHAHA! Smart mar? >.< ` We den watch High School Musical 3 at Cine. While waiting, we walk around and oso went to KTV and find his fren. Den going in that time, we sit outside the threatre and Honey was curious about the things in the plastic bag so took out and check. And TADAA!!! We realise that we lost the 3 panties!!! Argh! We dono where we drop or put it.. too many things we buy and so many plastic bags. We oso blurr liao, dono which is which. Jus stuff everything together. =.=" den both of us very dulan and angry.. Whoever saw us dropping it or took my panties, i will curse u fer life and i hope ur pussy ROT. _/_ Im angry bcuz thats 3 panties is from Honey den like that lost liao and he angry cuz he suey for 2 weeks. KNS. Gan pua suey.. Honey say he want to go PaiPai (pray) for his luck to come back. But later honey oso okie liao and i still down there angry. Cuz im super petty kind.

Like 4months+ i nv angry liao lor.. So long leh..den this week i angry like 2 3 times lerh. Cuz of school work and not enuff xlp den my mood very bad.. Friday worst ar.. i angry dao i down there curse swear scream yell and kep scolding vulgarities. All thanks to the stupid dental appointment lar. Okie, long story! i shall not say. If not my mood will go bad again! Roarr..

After movie is around 1.30am liao worh. Okie lar.. the movie not bad. But, abit stupid lerh and Honey was xlping half way tru the movie lar.. =.=" must be too sian liao. Hahaa. I really love Ryan Evans the Drama Club President. He is really cute and i love his wearing! Awww... And, Sharpay Evans the super bimbotic bitch(like my Jie&Clare). Hahaa.. 'Toddles'. LOL!!!

OkayOkay, went to Honey house to leave out bags and den went to Thai Disco. Below Honey house got alot worh. And we went there to find his frens. So ediot lurh.. They kep checking me and Honey nv tio check. Jus becuz im short means i small meh? Grrr...

Some Thai Babes are real hot and many are wif good figure but dancing abit CMI lurh.. But nvm, still good! Haha! Enjoy seeing the live band. The girls were singing and dancing and one of them even try to seduce me bcuz i was sianning.. Really bad mood. Sitting jus right in front of the stage i get the best view. Haha! Honey was peeping at their panties and telling me the color. LOL!

Left the Disco at 4am if not wrong. Honey frens wanted to come up and play mahjong but later they got somthing on and didnt come so me and Honey bath clean clean den prepare xlp liao. And Honey dozzed off 1st lar! So pig and today we woke up at 2.30pm. Last night fuckin cold lar. The central aircon is on and the aircon is also on. I snatch the whole blanket away from Honey and he don even feel cold lar.. He half naked summor lerh. And he xlp like a LOG lurh! i kep shaking him and calling him den he no reaction one. Arghh!!! i almost freeze into a piece of ice liao.
After that we bath den eat and honey prepare his stuffs liao. Today he nidda book in early cuz he tio the fuckin +2 -2 shyt. Before he go in, he went to his auntie house cuz his cousin birthday. He ask me along but im too tired to smile, talk and entertain people so went home. Don wana disgrace him. Lol..

Bahh.. Hope me and Honey's Bad Luck will go off soon. And i cant wait to see him next week. But, he next week oso got +2 -2. =.=" sighh...

AndAnd, ive been keeping Wasabi Shaker packs for Honey cuz he likes to eat and theres no more Wasabi Shaker selling in Mac. total only kep 6packs... Gave to Honey ytd and bcuz of the Wasabi, the stupid mac boy tua me so many times lar... Argh.. don say liao. =.='' i feel dam stupid. >.< `


Friday, November 14, 2008

dont ask me.

say so if you hate me.
i just hate this feeling.
i question myself if ive done anything wrong.
have i?

don't read too much into it, im not talking about YOU

update: happy birthday biscuit love :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Twenty spells bliss

its my 20th birthday :D and thanks everyone for the wishes. Im going out for dinner with my family soon. will be posting up the pics when i get them by this wk ya! loves!

♥ thanks to sis, bro for the presents
♥ thanks to my granddaddie and granny, parents for the angbaos
♥ thanks digipen mates for the surprise, cake and card
♥ thanks to ZOCC for organising the slumber party and the dinner was superlicious babes
♥ thanks baby for the saturday plans. ilu like i never did before
♥ .. and daddymummy just bought me a necklace (lastminute present they say) aww so sweet! hehe

-cant imagine the workload thats waiting for me tonight ughh-
xoxo, amanda

Thursday, November 6, 2008

short post

heyy guys, finally done with my oh-my-fucking-god flour sack animation which is seriously killing me. trying to scan or take a pic of my assignments for hweeling and kevin so pls gimme some time on that too much work piling up!

Anyways, just a quick review, im too tired to do anything after not sleeping for two whole days, i seriously feel like a walking zombie somebody shower me with love pls hahahaha. After submitting two assignments
and having gone through the review as well, the whole class was so relieved today so we planned to go for movie after all these days of sufferings. But, lesson ended late and High school musical 3 was sold out so we end up watching Quantum of Solace at 9.10PM hurhur. And some random pictures at Long John and the arcade @ Cine before our muveee starts hehe.

..and we took neoprints wahahahha omg its been years since i took neoprints -.- but it was fun anyway :) (Group: Japher, Sheena, Elizabeth, Ryan, Terrence and of course, ME)
so, there you go visuals show alot more im soooo damn lazy to type ughh

hmm, i think i would rate it 7/10 cuz most of the time, Japher Eli and me were like wtf random, where did he get the cars its just wtf moments but we like the action parts though. :)

okay i know the pics are damn small just click on it to enlarge yea i am so tired i can seriously KO on my bed right NOW! so im off to sleep! :) will be posting more soon!

xoxo, amanda. (I AM NOT MANDY)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okie, AhBee is here to promote for FreshKon Colors Fusion Contact lenses cuz i bought 3 pairs today! =) Got promotion!!! Buy 2 get 1 FREE and can get the lenses liquid free oso.teehee...

So, if u are finding a new, fresh you is easy with FRESHKON Colors Fusion. Unleash your true colors and refresh your look anytime, anywhere. With 9 dazzling yet natural looking colors to choose from, whether you want to be sweet and lovable, sensuous and romantic, glamourous and seductive or simply in vogue, FreshKon Colors Fusion complete that fun, hip and fashionable you! Even if you have perfect eyesight, non-Powered lenses are available. So, are you ready to set heads turning? LOL...

Colors: Misty Grey, Groovy Green, Sky Blue, Baby Aqua, Hippie Chestnut, Warm Hazel, Perky Brown, Romantic Violet and Cool Green.

I bought Misty Grey, Perky Brown and Baby Aqua (Sounds like baby Agua). Wanted to buy Violet and Groovy Green but abit too OVER horh? So didnt buy.. Hahaaa! Maybe next time lurhh.

And the Sales People there very nice to me.. Friendly and FUN!!! okie, or i should say i disiao people... =.=" And the BlueShirt Boy kinda funn.. He even ask me my name and kep on checking my school file to see if i got my name written on it.. HAHA. But too bad, DON HAVE. Blehh. Service not bad oso, i haven decided to buy which den i walk away and the blueshirt boy went to find me and Jas and drag us back. LOL! And he even gave me extra one freeGift.. i gave one to my sister. >.< ` heehee.. i hope the colored lenses i buy suits me man..

-Feeling very down, tired and stress.. didnt sleep well for the past 2weeks liao. And many days i nv xlp lor.. Alot projects and work to do. I WANA GO FINLAND LURH!!! ( i hope, i wish, i want...)


Monday, November 3, 2008


Saturday - 1Nov.
Saturday after woke up at Ting house, i abit late liao. Honey book out early today and he is on his way home... Arghh!!! okie nvm, i came home and put down my things and meet him at Bugis. He went shopping alone WIFOUT ME lorr... and bought a Army Green Jokey Cap from TopMan..(He not enuff of army uh? Come out still wana wear like he is in NS.) TingTong Boy. He say he faster buy cuz he see is the last one. =.=" Lol..
He told me today is his daddy B'Day and he wana get him a prezzie.. So i acc him down to CityHall. Went into shops and cant really find somthing for his daddy. Saw Raoul and Honey says he wana go in and check it out. And, bought 2Tops for his daddy. Take him sucha long time to pick la.. (Nice Son uhh? Hope my B'Day he will oso do this worh.) Hahaa.
2 more months only.. Those who are reading pls don act BLURR horh..

Dehh, the prezzie for his Daddy.

Later Honey wana meet BenDann so went down to Bugis to find him. At starBucks, Chatting wif Ben and Honey is writing a B'Day card for his Daddy ( His handwriting CMI lor ).

They decided to play billard at Fusion. After that they meet up wif Zhu.

So, the 3 of them send me home cuz its kinda late liao... (im so lucky! Hahaa. Don jealous orhh?) Den they head down to KSP to drink. Honey today SMOKE AGAIN LURH! i tot u say wana QUIT der lorr.. Den see people smoke u gian den oso wan smoke. KNS. Roarr... Okay nvm. Honey don like me to drink RedBull mar. So i promised him to to drink RedBull.. Den he oso don like i eat alot sweets.. Jus nice today he smoke den i got chance can eat sweets. So i go down to 7`11 and fill my bag wif JUNKFOOD. >.<>

After that we Tan Tiao Jian den say Honey smoke less and i will eat less sweets. FAIR..So both of us agree wif it and den 勾勾手 (GouGouShou). LOL! And so from today onwards i only can eat sweets 1 by 1 and not by pouring lotsa them into my mouf. T.T *sniffs*

Sunday - 2Nov.

Today no go Judo cuz Ting LaiAng and so early morning i woke up, PomPom and den go down to Honey house and find him liao. Drink my MrBean and den got a weird guy ask me pay for him.Siao! i don even noe who he is lor.. So scary u noe? and i ran away. =.="

Nua wif Honey at home for the whole day.. Den, i decided to go and check on Her blog. i 2months nv read her blog liao le worh.. TOO HUMJI to go and see.. As usual, played Scissors Paper Stone wif Honey all the time to decide on something. But god don want me to read her blog.. i lose twice to Honey and 3rd time den i win lor... BUT, i don care! i still go and read. Hahaha.. Baichii!

At around 5pm, accompany Honey to army market again to get his stuffs. Went to MrBean again cuz i wana drink and den go and get dinner at a Thai Eating House.

* i did something that made Honey sad today. bcuz of my wild thots and over worrying..Anxiety, fears, phobia, thinking too much and afraid of so many things, i made myself feel sad and oso cause Honey to feel sad.. Sorry Honey!!!



WOWOWOoO!!! Its HALLOWEEN!!! And this year is my very 1st Halloween celebration and i simply LOVE IT! Hahaa... Friday, 31Oct went to Zouk wif Ting and her frens for Halloween and all 7 of us is ready!

Dress up nicely wif our make ups and Props. Woohooo...

Okie. i meet Ting at her house and den guess wad? i suppose to bring my old school skirt for one of her frens den i forget lor... mama fetch me to Ting house cuz i late and we rush down den when reach her house and saw her fren den she ask me where's her skirt and den i remember i forgot! IM SO BLURR! okie nvm, i even forget my own wallet lar! Borrow money from Ting and took a cab home to take my wallet and skirt.. Rush like AhSiao.

After makup and changing at Ting house, we took a cab down to Zouk. We were all LATE and so many people there lor.. Many nice costumes. Summor got people wear same as me... MANY QIPAO GHOST LURH!!! Arghh!!!

Ohh i forget to intro wad other wear.. hmmm..

Me: Pink Flower Obasan Qipao, Fan, Silver handBag and Heels all from Mama. SUPER AUNTIE GHOST! i oso borrow mama VERY RED lipstick for my lips. And Ting's mama Flower HairClip for a more Auntie and Vain look.

Ting: Star Wars Queen Amidala Costumes wif her super KAWAII and emotionless make up. She got heartShape lips lor.. Hahaa.
MeiXin: Witch costume wif her long sharp NOSE.. SO WICKED! And she forgot her Broom, she cant fly that day. >.< `

YeeBoon: She wear Ting's brother NS jockey cap, bottom and Boots. LOL! she oso DIY her own TankTop and is dam cool!

Cherlyn: She act as MisaMisa worh. Super high socks and shes the one that borrow my old school skirt.. Hahaa...

Jeremy: He act as Vampire. Wear normal normal but make up so white and he got his fake vampire teeth.

Calvin: THE ONLY ONE WIFOUT MAKE UP!!! He act as a GEEK... =.="

Okie i continue my story, LOL.. hmmm we reach there den the queue so long lurhh!!! Lucky Cherlyn got fren go early den we went to join in and CUT THE QUEUE!!! bleaghh.. if don cut we forever don nid go in lor.. So crowded lurh.. Many people lerh. So many people wear so nice lor and make up untill so real.. But i dono how to make lar... =( mayb next year i learn how to make den i can try again. Hehee...

When queue`ing to go in horh, we saw alot bikers come lerh... They come den so noisy, like VroOom VrOoOm.. got around 10+ and they all wear the same costume lor.. Their bike so cool lar.. I think is Harley one lerh. So dark i cannot see clearly.. And they came here to take pictures den they went off.. Siao one...

We reach there at 9pm den went in at 11pm if not wrong.. can u imagine how JAM isit? Sarks!

And lucky i went in FREE lor.. Hahaa.. Cuz i dress enuff KUAZHANG. Those who didnt dress kuazhang enuff or not halloween enuff nidda pay... Suey.. And Meixin & Jeremy tio.

I got more den 200Pics so i randomly pick some and post if not i nidda load dao SIAO u noe? and u guys will read till SIAN dao SIAO... hahaa.. Okayy, Picture time... *Winks*

Look at me wif the Fan.. Lol... Scary not?

Photo with the others. Doctor, Fortune Teller, HardGAY (my FAV) and the crew.

Crowded uhhh.

i dono wad the fark is this.. So scary and ugly...

Wow.. its DeathGod, Half Naked SuperMans, CaveMan??? and the school ahgua. LOL..

The SEXIEST there... Hardo GAY and AhGua school boy wearing girl uniform.

This one i dono REAL OR FAKE.. This guy walk pass me den som1 from the back trow a glass and hit my leg. Den i blur blurr dono wads happening.. And this guy actually JUMP AND DIVE down to the floor and wanted to fight wif the person who trow the cup on him. And den dono how come he tio kick and step den like that liao lor.. Oso dono real or fake one sia... NVM lar.. no diff to me.. i take picture very happy liao. HAHA! =P

JiangSi, Terrorist, Ghoul and Frankenstein..

Its US!!! =D

Jeremy&YeeBoon. Den Jeremy&Cherlyn. Cherlyn's Fren( the one help us cut queue) & Cherlyn. Ting and Vampire. LOL!

Bottom 2 picture is OBAMA and HILLARY ??? Lol..


MeiXin & SnowWhite, Ting and her husband Skywalker, MisaMisa(Cherlyn) and Witch(Meixin), Jeremy&YeeBoon.

OSAMA oso go clubbing one lerh? so HIP.


Look!!! the Queen is dancing... Sexy HardGAY and Ahgua school boy also enjoying.


Hahaa... Okay, thats all. Don want post more liao.. Later u all see dao sian. I ENJOY ALOT MAN! SUPER DUPER FUN lurhh...
hmmm, after that some of them got tired den around 2 we went back to Ting house and den its oready 3am so late liao lor, so i stay over at her house... But her frens go home lar.. Haha! Me and Ting chat dao 5am liek that den she tired liao so we turn in...
Next day wakup, time to meet HONEY HONEY!!! >.< `