Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday JinFong!!!

Okie.. today is JinFong's B'day Party celebration. actually Tml den is his B'day. His B'day same Teacher's Day. They plan to meet at 6pm at East Coast 360 Restuarant.
Okok.. i meet Van Dear at Bugis. While waiting for her, i saw this SOYJOY promoter den i went to take picture wif them cuz they so cute lurhh. standing there giving out BookMarks. HAHA.
Okie.. Van Dear is here and den we went to J.Co and sit down and rest. Bought Thai Tea and she ordered Green Tea.
Meet RuiTing at Far East den bought a shirt for Jinfong.

Went to Exchange for my Coins oso. the other day went to exchange 10cents.. total got around $25, den today exchange 20cents, total $59.

Okie.. we took 2 buses to east coast. den reach there we dono which way to walk. we walk the right way, den walk half way we tot we are wrong. so we turn back.. in the end.. the 1st way we walk is rite. we walk for 1HOUR lor... dam tired... den bobian. in the end we took a Cab.

Finally we REACH. He book the whole place. HAHAHA.

Birthday Boy and me.

Birthday Boy and his family, wif his BIGBIG cake.

After the Celebration, the Guys went to a Thai Pub, den Me, Ruiting, Van and lynette took a bus home. Walk dam far jus for the stupid BUS really walk alot lor... and i farking suey.. i drop my iPhone 3 times. 1st time at J.Co, 2nd time at East Coast, 3rd time when i walking home. MAMA lurhh.. she sms me den i replying her i BANG onto the Bicycle. Dam pain lor my tummy. den my fone fall and almost drop into the BIG DRAIN. Lucky i stood down and faster Press it down so that it will stop rolling. if not byebye to my iPhone ar.. now my iPhone alot scratches den some part dented in liao.. but nvm.. its jus a fone. =) jus very angry that i Bang onto the bicycle. and den my daddy stil scold me for not careful.. Crazyy lerh... its oready 11+pm lerh... i canot even see clearly lor. summor i busy massaging. ARGH!!!

*thanks Van for the outfit and necklace from thaii. =) loves.*


The end of something is the beginning of another...

Yes, i finally get the time to blog something and really write something for you guys before my school starts. As my title says, the end of something is the beginning of another, how true can that be? wells, its been a rather long week for me and Ive always been thinking ive finished with my diploma, going on ahead with a real future like this is really gonna help me a lot in terms of a career as well as my own passion and dream. Having said that, I do still have queries about myself..

will i be able to do it?
is this what i really want?
will i enjoy doing this line?
can i cope with the intensity?
what would it be like in the future?
will i regret having made this choice?
can i sacrifice the time and passion for this?

Well, of course I DON'T, i always tell myself that no matter how unsure i am, never regret what i chose or did. Making mistakes are part of life and sometimes i do prefer making mistakes than not, becuz somehow i get to learn more things. Many of us might have been considering the different roads and factors in our life, especially those who're like us moving on to another phase it really marks an important point. After having much thoughts about it and time wasted on daydreaming about blahblahblah stuffs that I should not be worrying about but can't help but worry, I realised instead of thinking so much, i should spend the time and effort DOING IT ALREADY! As most of you know, i am super into details and planning and sometimes it really becomes a disadvantage to me (-.-). However, despite of all the worries and stuff, im reali looking forward to the 4years to come, making new friends to fight alongside and building a relationship with this school. I just can't imagine how im gonna do it!

Alrights, enough of the blabbering i guess you guys are bored reading it. Lets move on to the orientation! Digipen offered 2 days of orientation for the freshies and 3 days for the international students. As far as I know, there are ALOT of korean guys out there in the RTIS (programming) course and they're gonna stay here for a semester. Well, the orientation was somewhat boring (i guess its becuz all of us are tired) but it was kinda fun meeting the different faces :) Thanks to some new faces I made friends with, i felt alot more comfortable getting into the new environment. I totally love talking and chit chatty but somehow i get so nervous i give a serious look in my face! I have no idea how i can change that hurhur but whatsoever, ill get thru somehow haha..

1 more day to my first day of school, which is this Tuesday, and im kinda looking forward to it but not (bcuz of all the sleeping and slacking time yikes!). But I kinda have this aim or well just a thought i guess, to aim to be the most improved person instead of the excel student or to score the highest.. I just think that in this industry its all about the experience and learning, you just gotta keep improving and i wanna improve by leaps not by bits, so this far this shall be my aim and I hope you guys have an aim too by now :))

Okays, now for the picture session. I look damn SHAG these days so i shall not post much but i do have some stuff going on besides drawing and drawing duh! I kinda went for a shopping round (again) to find some of the art materials and i went ikea to get my table lamp. Went for a dinner with my siblings cuz i thought i needed some space to breathe before i get into the intensive classes and it was horrible. I got choked that night by the fucking prawn i shall not mention it again, and instead of shopping for my clothes i ended up shopping for theirs! And thanks to them, they each bought something and i did not :(

Here are the pictures!

-my many attempts to take a proper (NOT BLUR) picture with my stupid iphone the camera really sux its like 2megapixels ONLY ugh-
-and yes!! im sucha pig when it comes to foood hehe. you have no idea how much i loveee the ikea hotdog, swedish sweets and their desserts! bought this yummy marzipan ice cream cake for my siblings, they'd better LOVE it-
-oh, and this picture was suppose to be uploaded on the previous post by my sister, but she didnt get this picture up so im gonna load it! CHECK OUT my bro's new LOOK WOohoo-

I'm really sorry i look damn shitty right now with my frigging zit and this whole eyebag thing going on ugh! I just cant find the energy to do something these days. Its probably thanks to the time shifting i tried. Sleeping at 5am everyday and now i have to switch to like 11pm or earlier? cant imagine how a disaster it is. It's just impossible! I mean its possible la but im just expressing you know, hahahahax! Thanks to Clare sweepaii who'll be running in this study marathon with me, and thanks for the Holland V recommendation from Chloe wife and Mr Black, but i have NO IDEA what holland V has and where IT IS! Its been a rather long week and i hope i can really settle down in the new institute, and oh my baby is NOT here with me totally :( so u better send more loveeee from Japan babylove! and i expect lots of present OKAYS!! It's really a disappointment i can't spend much time with you when ure back cuz ure gonna enter NS in five days and i have school atm so this kinda sux BUT i promise you ill study well and YOU KNOW, IM GONNA EARN THE SAME INCOME AS YOU HONEY! Watch me! ;p

I know im super talkative on this post, and lots of events coming up in early september, birthdays and my uncle's wedding! so i promise LOADS of pictures to come HOKAYS. so lets all look forward to it :) tomorrow's my last day of freedom i would call, before my uni officially starts so i tink im gonna go out for a breather! i shall go for some shopping to calm myself down LOL what an excuse IM SUCH A BITCH ;pp

i need some love, write me some supportive comments

Sat (30Aug)

Wah.. today alot people burn Kim zhua, cuz its last day of the 7month. Door Closing, all of them going home. hmmm, jus reach home not long only... i miss the Date and time cuz past 12 liao, and im blogging on 31Aug... BAHH!!! nvm.
Okie.. today i xlp more den 10hours.. cuz nth to do mar.. woke up at 1pm+ den later sit on my chair infront of my lappy and DO NOTHING. around 4+ went to xlp again, den 530 wakup and bath, prepare go out.
Went out wif family for dinner at geylang. sigh. u noe.. when i sit down at the restuarant, look at every1, somthing is missing. and guess who? its Tiantian. last time me and family go out eat, he sure come along wif us. But this time, he is not around. Everything change. Okie, the dinner is GREAT.
Fruit Punch for the 3 of us. Me, Jie, Bro.

This is erm... Coke with Ginger and Lemon... sound scary but taste good..

Beef.. okie the fortune teller say i canot eat Beef, cuz eat Beef will minus my life span but, WHO CARES! i stil eat lerh.. SHIOK!

Fried Rice.

Mama's Favourite Topic for the day. the Pingu toothpick holder.

Look at this UGLY, DISGUSTING, WEIRD looking plate of food.. very yummy u noe? Special taste.

Cod Fish.

After Dinner.. around 8.40pm, i went down to Bugis to meet Gwen Darling. She wants me to help her see the Guess Wallet, Watch and Bag. haha.. den later we walk around Bugis area, we got nothing to do and is like oready 10++, all shop closed. so we walk to suntec den walk back to bugis. WALK ONE BIG ROUND. chatchatchat, talktalktalk. and den back to bugis.. went to one of the KOPITIAM at the roadside den, sit down and have a drink. We don wana go home...cuz, staying home is so bored and it kills... =D


Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Deep And Meaningless"
I, I dont know why i miss you so much
Yeah I, I dont know why I still feel your touch
You, you left me feeling high and dry
With nothing, nothing but the question why
Yeah you, I guess you had another direction
And leaving me with nothing but a dead connection
If you call me today
Ill say that Im fine
But I bet you can tell by the tone of my voice
Its just a lie
You knew what you had
You still walked away leaving me in this mess
My love for you is deep and meaningless
You, you knew what you were doing to me
And I, I guess I was too blind to see
Well you hit where it hurt and you fooled me so bad
But I'd do it again to relive what we had
(Damn thats sad)
There are many things left to remind me
Of a love that I just cant leave behind me

- This is how im feeling for the past few weeks. sighh.. i really miss him alot.. and this is wad i wana say...

Friday, August 29, 2008


HAPPY TEACHERS` DAY to all the teachers around the WORLD... last night bcuz of the stupid pictures lar..Load so slow.. i only xlp 4hours lor..dam tired..EYE LID so heavy. den today nidda wakup at 8am lor...Ting xlp at 3am and the ZhuMin ar... xlp the earliest lor..1am lerh... and she down there complaining say she SO TIRED... PIG ar. Saw some of the teachers.. Many were not there cuz our sch Close down den we nidda transfer, and sad... every1 spilt.. sighh.. but but but its okie.. the LOVE and feeling is stil there! =)
My sisters.. KONGs.

Ting, Min, Shirley, Charmaine, Me.

Ting, Mrs Kwok, Min.

Ting, Mrs LimTeckKee, Min, Charmaine

Me and Tsk Joel. Hahaha.. Long time no see liao.. i miss those days..

Charmaine and Nick. *couples* heh..

JinFong.... =.=

Candid shot. Leon, Aaron, Bryan, Martin (laffing like Gila).

Me, Charmaine, Shirley (look at her face) LOL..

Awww SO CUTE! they always got so much pattern.. HAHA

Shir, Charm, Me. - outside school

Its US! Hehe..Loves.. (Polaroid)

OH MY GOD!!! Subway again!!!


Shirley BOGEH. LOL! no lurh.. its the CHOCOLATE CHIPs from the COOKIE.

Ting posing for her Mineral water. Den Obasan Min asking for water. =.= Min called herself the BOSS of paragon. she said she own a shop there.. FAT HOPE lurh MIN!

After that i went to dental.. Last min i made an appointment cuz last night i eat sweet lor... den eat dao my tooth CHIP OFF.. diao =.=" and u noe wad? dentist remind me more den 3times not to eat sweets =X i said okie.. but i still eat... aiiya! canot tahan lar... den eat eat eat.. those gummy ones... POOK! my tooth Chipp off.. dam sueyy.. haha... so went down at 3pm den get my teeth done..Put filling inside to cover..LOL. i suppose to reach sch at 2.20pm cuz i got AutoCAD lesson.. but i ask the dentist to give me the excuse slip.. so i went to sch late. HEHE.. So happy to miss more den half of the lesson cuz i hate AutoCAD. bleaghh..

Mama fetch me to sch and den... today end early.. wait for Jie at bugis to accompany her, den she came.. her fone RINGRING. guess who? is my bro! haha... he is coming for dinner wif us. but he fetch his gf home 1st.. after that, jie wana try Shokudo and so we eat that, her treat. ^^ haha, i haven tell u guys.. my jie oways treat one.. me and my didi oways bully her. make her pay for everything.. LOL. =X

After dinner at Shokudo. We go Gaigaii. i buy a new Top, from far it caught my attention, i see so cute liao lerh.. black, white and green in color.. very cute drawings on it.. and i ask the shopKeeper how many stocks she have for this piece of Top, she said only 3 and this is the last piece so i buy liao... i love buying things which are very limited in stocks.. =P den didi buy 1 T-shirt and 1 PoloTee from TOPMAN. jiejie bought MoonCake for every1. Put at home den we can share share eat. is the Snow Skin one. So yummy!

Bro's Order. VERY NICE! Got very buttery taste.

This stupid Cursed plate of dono wad, make my jie CHOKE lor.. she cant talk and den the stupid Stubborn Prawn stuck at her throat there or wad i dono how to discribe lar.. she kep on trying to take it out but CANT! lucky, in the end can take out lor.. if not she canot talk and feeling very pain and uncomfy lor.. Sibeh suey ar.. u noe after the incident, she don dare eat the Prawns. those who dono my jiejie, she is PRAWN QUEEN ar... she loves Prawn. and we oways go out for Seafood.. she sure order prawn..

Aww. this is MINEMINEMINE! the meatBall not that nice lerh.. so erm... HARD.

Jies's order. Prawn lerh. LOL, she nv eat. she so scared.

Our dessert. MangoMango. after eating this, we all feel so COLD lar.. *shiverr shiverr*... My inner shaking says bro.

* 小`ⓑⓔⓔ *

Thursday, August 28, 2008

KONGflakes KONGkies.

okie.. today went to ting house and make cookies cuz tml is teachers day celebration.. and we decided to go back to see our sec sch teachers... we all are good students esp. ME!!! =P i most guaii.. teehee.
i meet Ting at P.S today and buy ingredients and everything we nid. den went to her house and wait for min to come. Min is the supervisor for today.. actually.. she everday oso want to b supervisor or tester..she is a PIG and long time ago we oready give her a new name called, ZhuMin. her mama spell her name wrong, is not ShuMin..HAHAHA... start to mix the ingredients den blahblahhblahhh...
See im busy doing and she down there smiling like ediot. She nv do anything at all lor.. so lazy!

Flourr... like snow horh?

The Kong's EVIL Oats and Raisins Cookies recipe... HEHEHE..Poison all the teachers.. HAHAA... and our dearr TingKong name it KongFlakes KongKies =)

OMG!!! look at the amount of BUTTER! iloveBUTTER!!! i love eating BUTTERR!!! if im not on diet i will use a spoon and scoop them up and EAT them like ICE CREAM!

Melted BUTTERR!!! i love it!!! i hope i can DRINK them up like how i oways do when eatin CORN. Again.. ON DIET, cannot... T.T

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice ^^

Look, i so hardworking.. im stirring it...and LazyMin only doing the HOLDING lor...

HAHA.. Ting trying to take a picture.. the 3 of us.. =) Love them loads..

Putting the Oats and Raisins in... that ZhuMin is not stirring lor.. she is busy eating the dough..

Hardworking me helping to STIR and MIX.

Putting them on the tray one by one.. scoop by scoop.. teeeheee...

Ting is busy putting them on the tray... den the PIG come and play wif the dough.. eating all up.

See!!! kawaii Ting wif her Kongkies =) its her secret Recipe (she's the Real witch)

In the Oven.. Baking...

TADAA!!! Kongkies is DONE!

hmmm?!?!? how come 2 missing???

ORHH HORHH! i caught u red handed... 2 of u eating nv share share wid me..

Summor KongKies...


WOW.. LOOK AT THAT PIG.. when all cookies done horh.. the PIG faster come and take all away... den start to eat.. Dehdeh! she say she will b the supervisor and the tester...

Wrapping time... the cute Lil` carrier we bought.

Ting so Hardworking.. she busy putting the cookies into the bag... i cant help cuz she help me do manicure mar...


BARBIE PINK!!! TingTing do Manicure for me and Min... same color huh.. Pink ROCKS =P

See, tingting draw 2 extra flower for me lor... wif BlingBlingg lerhh.. ^^

After Baking Kongkies.. ting went to find kitPing and XiaoWei, den Min go find Ray. i went to meet kelvin and accompany him go IT show at suntec.. Super sian later cuz start to think again... very Moodie and den... siansiansian so i went home liao.. no mood to continue walking..

Reach home den i saw my bro bed got this Cute Lil` bearbear.. ask who is he giving to? aiiya.. so obvious.. don nid to ask oso noe lurhh.. of cuz is his darling GF, Zoe lorr... Lol.. bro say mai give tml.. cuz Sat they going out on a date den he want to surprise her... so sweet rite? haha. ouh ya.. This bearbear is made of CHOCOLATE lerh... Can eat one.. Lucky the PigMin not here.. if not this bearbear sure byebye.