Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Big 21st

Wild Wild Wet with my darlings and catching up after dinner at Sushi

First and foremost, thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the heartfelt wishes on my birthday. Although this 21st was not planned, i felt special to the ones who cared. There were a lot of mini celebrations going on here and there despite my busy schedule and i thank those who made the time and effort for my birthday. Managed to organise some of the photos (but not all) and i would like to share them here! (:

Day out with the loves on Saturday really made me happy after the overloaded assignments from school. A short weekend break with my favourite people are always the best!

Baby's super sweet to get me my 99 + 1 balloons which i originally wanted but hey, what's sweeter than a surprise from your boyfriend :) teehee

Went for manicure with baby, we managed to slack the entire day which prepared us for the big korean dinner at Dempsey Hill (not to mention my legs were worn out walking that hill :x)

The awesome gifts I recieved from all the loved ones.
ALIEN RACE from Digipen friends (nicely wrapped by Claire and surprise excuse from Albert to get me out)
KIMMIDOLL notebook from my lovely sister and her bf
SPECTRUM16 and notebooks from OCCZ (super thoughtful of them to plan out the entire day for me)

and i look super shag from the stress school work is giving me :(
I miss my spa and my retail therapy.

Anyways, a few more dinners coming by this weekend to sum up my birthday this year. I've had more angbaos, presents and celebrations which are not posted here yet which ill probably have no time to organise... but, ill try! And uhh, i'll be updating some of the work ive been mugging in school lately. So stay tune! :)

Love, Mandy

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